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Accents - Blending With Your Walls And Ceiling

Accents make up a big part of a room's decor. After the paint, wallpaper, or other materials are put on the wall, it is time to blend in the wall and ceiling colors with furniture, lighting, a fire place, and other main features.

If you have existing furniture, lighting, appliances and other movable structure in a room, you will usually base your foundation paint around those color tones.

If you are getting new furniture or recreating a different theme in a room, you are opened up to a variety of ideas.

Your ultimate goal when decorating any room is to take and intermingle your base colors and complimentary colors. You may be decorating a kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom. Finding good complimentary colors is important in the outcome and enjoyment you will have in the room.

I like the idea of taking a ping pong table, pool table, or dresser, and creating the entire room around that piece of furniture. Each of us have our own taste and the key to make a room come to life through accents, is finding the right colors and textures that blend together with the furniture or appliance. Take a look at an existing loveseat or small couch below.

This is a rich floral pattern with bold color tones as well as a few flowers in lighter tones. The love seat or small couch is a great accent to work around developing your color scheme of your room.

The deep green tone creates a rich overall color of the couch.

The walls painted in a cream or light tone will compliment the couch, but not take away from the fabric as being the focal point. Adding a few other pieces of solid color chairs, or a soft two tone stripe will work with this style couch.

The stripes could be a two tone the rose shade or lighter green. These two colors will compliment the deeper colored fabric in the couch.

Notice the warm and light color in the white oak floors. This color flooring will compliment the wall tones and bring a balance to the room. Another option is to paint the walls in the rich green tone and your carpet or floors can balance out the room in lighter colors. We will be working with a lot of different color tones and learning how to create several different looks.

A fireplace represents warmth in those cold winter months. A fireplace is also a great accent to a room. A mantel or mantle can be made out of different types of wood.

There are many different styles and choices in what material to build a fireplace. Brick and stone are real popular accents today.

Many people in warmer climates have fireplaces more for a decorative look than a necessity. A little tip about fireplaces. If you have or are considering a glass door, the glass is surrounded usually by silver, pewter, antique or solid brass frame.

The fireplace is an area in a room that can really bring take a theme base room to the next level.

The mantel is a great place to display different items that will not only compliment the theme, but blend in different colors throughout the room.

Make a point to use some accessories to blend in with one of these tones. Picture frames and other accessories bring the whole room together.
Some people have piano and organs in their homes. Both of these create a great accents to rooms. Piano and organs are also a great way to incorporate a music theme into a room.

Now of course if the organ is used regularly, you wouldn't want to decorate it with lights and other trinkets. This organ is not in use and a great piece of furniture to put accessories on. The lights lends to the mood of a room and creates a great accent and relaxing atmosphere.

There are so many different types of furniture, lighting and appliances, counter tops, that you can use in your living area. This section will be a great section to explore the variety of styles of furniture and ideas of how to incorporate them into different themes for specific rooms.

We will work together in learning how to take bamboo, wooden, and other furniture and not only matching color and texture, but also create your very own unique look at an affordable price. This is a wonderful section to get some ideas for any room and accenting every possible living space.

Interior decorating is all about taking what you enjoy and creating a great look and feel for your and your family to enjoy.

Creating Your Interior With Accents

Matching Wood Tones To Decorate
Matching wood tones and grains with other colors can create a wonderful look in any room. Using the actual color of a hard or soft wood along with the different tones of grain in the wood, will blend and balance your room out. Take a look at a couple of ideas for blending colors with some wood.

Lighting Can Set The Mood And Tone Of A Room
Lighting can truly set the tone of any indoor room. Creating accent lighting in the evening hours will give you a positive atmosphere after a long day at work or school. Here are a few ideas on using different lights and how to create a wonderful balanced room or rooms.

Simple Ideas For Arranging Furniture
Simple ideas for arranging furniture will give you a couple of ideas on how to position some furniture so your room will have an overall balance. The three layouts will give you some simple ideas for a dining room, living area, and a bedroom.

Interior Trim Ideas
Trim can sometimes be frustrating to get just the right color you are looking for. Here are some simple ideas and tips for giving your trim a nice complimentary color to your walls. Trim accents finishes off the base or foundation to any room.

Carpet Can Create Warmth In Rooms
Carpet can create warmth in rooms. There are many different varieties of carpet available today. Berber, regular, and yes, even shag rugs are back in style. Here is some is some different styles of carpets for decorating any room.

Decorating With Plants
Plants can add so much to any interior room. Indoor plants create a great accent with walls and accessories. The flowers or foliage can add that little something to your interior space. A few simple ideas for you on arranging your plants in pots and containers indoors.

Checkerboard Floors And Creative Decorating
Checkerboard floors can be looked at as a nightmare or a great look to a room. Combining some other color tones with the checkerboard can spruce up the room and make it a brand new look. Think about using the checkerboard floor as a focal point and accent the floors with a red-orange color, or bring in some neutrals through the room. Take a peek at some simple ideas for taking that checkerboard look and create at wonderful unique look for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, game room, or business.

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover
Kitchen cabinet make over can be done less then one day. I got into one of my decorating moods, and take a look if you have the option of painting your kitchen cabinets, and see what a little labor and $14.00 can do.

Afghan Blankets And Decorating For Your Budget
Afghan blankets are a great way to decorate most any room. This is also a great way to save some money and create a great new look in a living area. Three different afghans and three different color schemes.

Fabrics And Matching Complimentary Colors
Fabrics play a big role in decorating a room. Blending in complimentary colors in your walls and other accents and accessories are a great way to work with your fabrics. I wanted to give you a few ideas on a couple of different fabrics and using some complimentary colors with them.

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