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Accessories For Decorating Indoor Spaces

Accessories play a big role in completing your decor in a room or rooms. Hanging your favorite pictures properly on a wall or putting odd number of items on a shelf, dresser, or buffet. Simple things like accenting your bed with pillows or even stuffed animals or and taking a plant and adding a couple of decorative coffee cups. Great addition to your overall decorating plan.

When you think of accessories, what comes to mind? To me they are all the items that fit around the room. Decorative rugs to blend with your walls, ceiling and floors.

Linens on tables, and other pieces of furniture create a warm feeling. For me, my mother when she was alive embroidered for years.

I have pillow cases, table cloths, scarfs and other things she made. Not only does this create wonderful memories, each linen can be brought into a room and compliment the foundation color.

These linens also blend with the different accents and furniture. Items that are special to you will always have a place in any room.

I love working with colors when decorating but to me, you can take a room to the next level with your unique personality and put the finishing touches on a room.

Notice how all the colors blend in together. The blue placemat is the base and the colorful coffee cups match up well with the tones of the cactus plant and pot.

This is a very simple way to make your room a bright and cheery atmosphere. This section will give you some basic decorating ideas for different rooms in a variety of living spaces.

This photo can be used year around and hung on a wall or even a door. You can get ideas taking different ways of using colors, themes.

The one aspect I love working with accessories, is it is actually a form of relaxation for me.

I have a small artificial tree on top of a mini refrigerator. I have taken small Ornaments of different scenes from the ocean. I leave the ornaments up year around. The ornaments compliment the rest of the decor in the room.

Don't you sometimes get tired of the same decor in each room? Rearranging your decor will also create a new look and more importantly, save you a little money.

Framed photos make wonderful additions to a room.

Another idea in accessories for decorating is candles. Once or every other month, change out the color and bring in a new complimentary tone to that particular room. Great way to keep the room new and fresh. I am also known for hanging onto things.

I like to recreate a new look by using accessories I have put away in boxes.

This is one of the beauty aspects of interior decorating. Sometimes by taking things that you just can't throw away and using them from time to time will add some spice to your decor.

Another option in accessories in decorating is a tropical or beach theme. The colors are vibrant and will add a little imagination will create a wonderful accessory of these particular themes. No matter what your color of your walls, accents you use, or themes you may have, accessories add the finishing touch to any room.

I am excited about working with you in enhancing your interior living space.


Hanging Pictures On A Wall - Think In Odd Numbers
Hanging pictures on a wall doesn't have to complicated. Hanging pictures is like any other accessory, always think in odd numbers. This page will give you some simple ideas on how to take a series of three to five and even more pictures to complete your room or rooms. Pictures add so much to a decor.

Place Settings - Matching Colors And Themes
Place settings can be fun to do and don't have to be expensive. I love to use items I have already around the house to compliment colors and themes of a room. Here are some photos of some different and simple ideas to use in place settings.

Decorating With Peppers, Colorful Kitchen
Pepper accessories can create a colorful and fun look in a kitchen area. Bright red, yellow, green, and orange tones can be used throughout the kitchen area. You can paint your walls stark white to give the room a clean and crisp look. Here a few very simple and inexpensive ideas to create a pepper haven for you to enjoy.

A Picture Of Nature Creates A Great Decor For A Room
A picture of nature can create a wonderful room using the colors from the picture. You can create a natural look in any room setting. Here are a couple of simple ideas for decorating a room using a picture of nature.

Shower Curtains And Matching Towels
Shower curtains and matching towels can create a great look in a bathroom. These accessories can be a theme base, or just use simple combinations of matching colors. Here are three different examples of shower curtains and matching towels.

Ideas For Arranging Your Favorite Collectable Items
Here are some simple ideas for arranging your favorite collectables. I have collected so many treasures items over the years. I also have collected some odds and ends figurines and other items. This page will give you some basic ideas to show off your treasures, as well as give the room a little enhancement of your own personality.

Decorating With Stuffed Animals
Stuffed animals can bring any room to life. It doesn't matter what age you are, get creative with these little creatures and also consider accenting these accessories in a theme base room. A few simple decorating ideas for you using monkey's.

Pillows - Colorful Fabrics Can Balance A Room
Pillows come in all different colors, sizes, and fabrics. This page will give you some simple ideas on taking pillows and arranging them to create an exciting new look for any room. I love decorating with pillows.

Old And New Fabrics Create A Colorful Look Your Interior
Older and new fabrics combined can create an exciting new look for any room. Come join me and see how I took a special older table cloth and added some newer items, and created a great summertime look for our screened in porch.

Flower Arranging - Different Ideas For Your Inside
Flower arranging can be done in so many ways. I wanted to share with you five different flower and shrub arranging that the total cost for the five was $4.99.

Candles And Holders Create A Great Addition To A Room
Candles create such a great atmosphere to any room. There are so many different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. Here are a few different style of candles and holders.

Silk Flower Arrangements, Discount And Bulk Shopping To Decorate
Silk flower arrangements can be fun, easy to do. Buying in bulk at discount or whole stores is a great way to save you money. Five simple ideas to take items you have already around the house, buy some inexpensive flowers, and create new looks for any room.

Shelf, Simple Makeover Creates A New Look
Do you have an old shelf laying around? A great make over option is to spray paint the shelf to give you a new look. Here is a real easy decorating idea for an accessory to create a new look in a room. Expense was the initial cost of two cans of spray paint.

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