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Black Tones
Blending Shades Of Gray And Tan

Black tones can make a dynamite statement in a room. This color can be associated with different trends and themes. Contemporary furniture has many different shades of this color. Formal, sleek, and sophisticated are also words that come to mind.

Creating a look using this color family can be fun and exciting.

You can add gray and tan shades in walls, accents, and accessories.

By doing this it allows you to have a base foundation color, and a couple other complimentary colors.

How would you go about decorating a room using the color black as a focal point?

Below are four illustrations of different color tones if you like the idea of decorating with these three color families.

You can use these colors as a foundation on your walls of tan or gray. Black and white can become great accent and complimentary colors with furniture, fabric, and accessories.

Do a couple walls in black and tan. You can consider doing all white or tan shade walls. This can open a door for really taking your accents and explode with your own personality. Notice the two accessories in this illustration, they both blend in with the rest of the color theme.

Tan Walls With Accents Of Black And Gray
This illustration shows warmth in a room. The tray ceiling is done in a soft tan tone and the the walls are a little darker, but staying within the same color family. The Berber carpet with gray and black tones makes the entire room very well balanced.

This color scheme would be wonderful in a bedroom atmosphere or a room where your goal is to relax after a long day. Take a theme and create a room using these colors.

This is where the little crazy side of you can come out in decorating with black, gray, and white. I like the idea using these three colors of painting half a wall this color, and the other half white.

If you have an eight foot ceiling consider one color at three feet and the other color at five feet. This can be done from three feet on top and five on bottom or reverse it to five on top and three on bottom. Add some stipe fabric or a fun circle pattern using the three colors.

Gray or a off shade black carpet will give the room a great look. Get unique accessories to go along with these colors, and you have your very own crazy but fun decor.

The last illustration is a definite theme base and the entire room tone is set by blending black and gray tones. The wallpaper border adds the entire flow to the room. This type of decor would be great for an entertainment, game or family room.

The old movie theme creates an atmosphere full of history and the colors adds to the dimension of the room. Of course you can take a different theme and create that theme using these colors.

I love using this type of theme and adding some great accents and accessories. Think about displaying a rack with old movies on it, mirrors and picture frames that compliments the era. Get bold and bring in burgundy or a deep red as a complimentary color. The bold color gives the room a unique look.

In a safari theme, the black shades are either focal points or complimentary colors. So many great options for you.

When I am decorating a room with gray or this color as the primary focus, I like to look for earth tones to soften the darker shades and and also will blend into other rooms throughout your living space.

Think about bringing in a bright color such as a deep red, or cayenne pepper orange. Adding red or orange changes the whole appearance and atmosphere.

Pillows, curtains, comforters, and collectables all play a role in balancing a room to get the best look.

Window Decorating
Ideas Book.
This is a dynamite book for everyone. Kathleen and Charles captivates the beauty of different window treatments and color.

Fantastic reviews, great price and a book I would recommend buying.

Remember, today people are decorating with their own personality in mind. If you love country, decorate country.

If you love the 50's look, bring in those nostalgia items way back when. Your living space is a place to enjoy and relax.

Whether you are looking at painting, accenting, or accessories, with this color, you can send your room color to a new level. One thought for you - some great compliments to this color are chrome fixtures, pueter accessories, silver picture frames, and stain steel appliances.

Have some fun with just a little of your own creativity.

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