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Bold Tones And Shades

Bold tones and shades can make a statement in a room. Many of these colors create a classic style to your interior. Today in interior decorating so many different color combinations that are used. There are a few basic guidelines to follow when picking out your darker colors. You can mix and match light and dark tones and also compliment some warmer colors with cooler tones.

This web site is about giving you some ideas for your interior decorating projects. Nothing is set in stone, and it is really up to what your favorite colors and interests are.

Dark tones are made by adding drops of different color pigmentation to a base color. This page on dark shades will give you some ideas how to incorporate darker tones on walls, and use them with your accents and accessories.
When deciding on using darker tones for walls or trim, there are a few things you should think about decorating in dark tones. Deep yellow, green, and orange tones can represent a brilliant upbeat flare in decorating.

The photo above is a sample of the color cayenne pepper. Lets play around with some bold tones and lighter shades that will work well together. The key to balancing a darker color throughout a room is using lighter shades of this color, or complimentary colors in furniture, other accents and accessories.

The cayenne pepper color has red, brown, and orange tones in the paint. I usually will recommend using a lighter shade of the cayenne for the trim, or paint the trim in stark white or an off white or cream tone. Another little secret when using the Cayenne pepper color. Depending on what look you are trying to achieve, take this rich color and also use live Cayenne container plants.

When painting a room with dark paint colors it is necessary sometimes to put on a second coat so you can get the exact rich color you are looking for. A soft secondary and third complimentary color, with the cayenne can be a couple of tones from the green and yellow family. These colors represent warm tones.

Always consider your flooring if you are building or re doing a room. Match your carpet, tiles, one piece, or hardwoods into your base color tones. This page on matching wood tones and grains with color may give you some ideas for your own living space.

One of the things I like to do is to create great accents through fabric for chairs, couches, comforters, or whatever furniture is in the room. Think about a floral, stripe, plaid, or other favorite fabrics. Be creative and add a lighter shade of the cayenne pepper in a solid color chair.

If you have existing furniture, a great way to use the complimentary colors and the base cayenne look is in your accessories, such as pillows, pictures, candles, figurines and trinkets.

The bold blue tones represent a cooler color. There are many colors you can use off the bolder tone blue color. Take a look at this fabric and notice all the different darker tones and colors.

A fabric like this can be used on window treatments, and this opens the options for incorporating the tones from the fabric in other accents and accessories. A darker color room can have other darker tones throughout the area, but one tip is not to overload the room with too many bold tones.

This can make a room look heavy and non-inviting, especially in a child's room. Many parents want to create a child''s favorite television or movie character. If you are decorating a child's bedroom in exciting bold and rich tones, remember a child's bedroom is a place that also should be soothing and restful.

I recommend to bring in some warm neutral shades to soften the darker tones. The softer tones can be done with trim and ceiling paint, and also materials like curtains, lights, and other accents and accessories.

The colors in this decorative elephant blend in well with the shades of the two tones above.

This is another great option when working with dark tones.

Use three of four different blue tones throughout the entire room. This will also soften the bold look so it is not overpowering.

These are just a couple of ideas for you with a few different darker shades.

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