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Cabin Fever - Simple And Real Decorating

Cabin Fever is simple, it's real, and this establishment in Saluda, North Carolina will take you back in time.

Tom and I go to serene get a way once a year. Come with me as I will take you through what we experienced in a real simple approach to interior decorating.

As we entered the front porch door we were immediately engulfed with the rustic look of wood floors, walls, doors, and ceilings. We truly felt like we had come to a place from a different era.

This type of decorating can be done in your own special getaway. Simplistic decor that spoke to you about your surroundings.

In decorating a cabin whether it is in the mountains, woods near a lake can reflect your own personality as well as the geographic area.

The focal point of the wall is the picture hanging on the center of the wall. It tells the story of the bridge that is near by and the history behind the construction of the original bridge.

The white background in the picture frame as well as white lamp shades compliments the grain of the wood. The paisley chair brings colors into the entrance way and the colors reflect the jewel tones of a nature setting.

Buck Stove In Cabin
Notice the leather couch as well as the buck stove. Although we didn't use the stove due to the fact it was summertime, we could picture the stove warming the chill of the fall or winter mountain air.

The decor is so cozy and simple, but also one to be relaxed and comfortable. The pillow in the center of the couch is the same material as the chair by the front porch door. Great balance in blending color tones.

The other two solid light green pillows match the green fabric in the paisley pillow. I love the color of the leather couch as it truly highlights the color in the wood.

When decorating your retreat whether it be in the mountains, near a lake, or by the ocean, remember to look at your entire rooms. Matching tones from your ceiling, accents, and floors will give you a great overall look.

This is the ultimate look in a cabin environment. The red and white checkered tablecloth and curtains. Quaint, yet full of flavor and the rustic look. The picture on the right gives you a full look at the entire table and curtains. Once again the white lamp shade gives the area a crisp and clean look. I love the small basket in the center of the table. This is filled with coffee filters and a couple of bags of coffee. Convenient next to the coffee maker. Keep it simple and keep it real!

This photo shows the white sink, stove, and refrigerator which continues the clean and crisp tone. The shelf above the stove has all the necessary plates, cups, glasses, and things you need to prepare and eat with.

I was especially touched as not everything matched to a tee as far as coffee cups. Each item had its own characteristic. Great way to give the cabin your own special touch. To me also, the checkerboard tablecloth and curtains also represents a time of the past, rustic and simplistic. I remember my grandma's tablecloth in the Adirondack mountains growing up. My mom also had the same colored table cloth.

Hang a picture or Wall tile of a beautiful natural scene. A scene from the majestic mountains, or a tranquil stream. A sunrise or sunset over a lake.

There are great hiking trails as well, especially around the Blue Ridge Parkway. Great Web site to find fantastic scenery, relaxation, and trail guides.

Here is the loft area and one that to me brings magic to the rustic and simple setting of the mountains. The loft also gives you the openness of the entire living space. The wood look continues into the loft and a double bed awaits the body at the end of the day.

This is a great area for the children or grandchildren. Youngsters love the idea of climbing upstairs and having their own space. Also a great area on a summer day to enjoy the mountain breeze and take a summertime afternoon nap.

The bathroom continues the simple and real theme as the wood once again is the focal point. The shower gives you the feeling of being outdoors, yet the warm water allows you to know the reality of a little modernization. In the picture above on the right, you can see the bathroom door on the left in the center. To the right is an old towel rack and this style of rack can be used for so many different things. The clean and crisp white look continues in this room with the white commode and sink.

The main bedroom has two double beds and you could feel the atmosphere of rest and relaxation. The light tone quilt really set the mood of that rustic theme. Once again the balance is in the overall wood of the cabin, along with the white and crisp look. The white curtains and different accent lamps around the room gave you a warm feeling to climb into bed after a day of smelling the fresh mountain air. The door in the center of the second picture is to one of my favorite spots, the screened in porch.

Checker Game On Cabin Porch

The last three photos are of the porch. The screened in porch is a great place to have the whole family or just the two of you relax. Once again the white table brings together the entire feel of the cabin.

Tom and I loved the checkerboard area, and became competitive in different strategies to beat each other. Adding a couple of games in this area is a great idea. Keep in mind that is a place that can be in tune with nature. Keep the decor simple and in the atmosphere of the rustic theme.

A milk can is perfect for the porch area. Think about different accessories you could use when decorating a cabin or a camp.

A cabin can be a wonderful home or getaway. The main goal when decorating this type of place, is to keep it simple and real and in tune with the outdoor atmosphere.

Tom and I love being out in nature, and this establishment in Saluda provided us with the rest and relaxation we both needed with the interior as well as the beautiful outdoors.

One of my favorite accessories is using rustic decor such as a mirror. You can display it on a wall near the entrance.

The bathroom also will work well to hang the mirror. I even like the idea of hanging the mirror in the kitchen area.

I hope you enjoyed a little piece of Tom and my relaxation haven. Are you thinking of designing your own space? Nature and rustic are a great option. Use colors that will compliment each other with the outside environment.

We would like to thank Lon and Lesley for their wonderful hospitality during our peaceful stay at Cabin Fever.

If you are ever in the Saluda, Hendersonville, or Asheville area, stop over and get a little piece of the beauty that Tom and I experienced.

If you would like to see the outside of this area, head on over to Mountain Cabin Fever. Natural beauty at its best!

There are many other themes for you to decorate with. It will surely get you in the mood to decorate with the simple and real things in life! Feel free to take a look at their Web site for this great mountain getaway, Cabin Fever.

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