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Checkerboard Floors And Creative Decorating

The checkerboard floor for some is a nightmare, and for others they say, "bring it on!" This type of flooring has been around for a long time. Trends come and go in interior design.

There are many different decorating ideas to blend in complimentary color tones, and make this so called nightmare into a new and exciting room.

For some of you, this look may be an idea that you have been thinking about, but not sure how to incorporate colors, accents, and accessories. I wanted to share with you some color tones and ideas on taking that checkerboard and create a stunning look in a room.

The Checkerboard

The design in this flooring is one that can drive you nuts, or can be used as a focal point in a room. This black and white pattern is seen in kitchens, laundry rooms, family or entertainment rooms, hallways and also some business environments.

Take a look at this photo. I love the blending in of the floor with the stairway. The wood tone stairs accent the black and white.

What really balances out this interior space is the black metal spindles on the stairway. Eloquent, yet shows the homeowners personality. White walls giving the area a crisp and organizational look. Great idea for any foyer or stairway.

There are a couple of ways to go about decorating your room. One of the first steps I like to work with is the idea of doing a checkerboard theme base room. Decide on a theme for the room, using the black and white floor. There are a few ideas that come to mind. If you are looking at your kitchen area, why not do a cafe style kitchen.

The red-orange tone can light up the black and white floors. Use these colors in curtains, tablecloth, napkins, candles, etc... Paint your walls in a lighter red-orange tone. A great idea is to use a small stripe with black, white, and the red-orange tones in the curtains or other accessories. These colors will compliment each other.

  1. Use the floor as the focal point.

  2. Create a fun and exciting look using another bold color. Red - orange tone comes to mind.

  3. Think about a little European flare with a possible mural on a wall.

  4. A round glass table and matching stools or chairs.

  5. Counter tops done in a mosaic or granite would do well, or a light red-orange tone.

  6. Display your favorite bottle of wine with decorative glasses on an accent table or the counter top.

  7. Hang different size baskets on a wall or collectable pictures of different cafe scenes, or other favorite topics..

  8. Consider going with the black or stainless steel appliances.
The Checkerboard

The bright pastels and Caribbean or beach look can be incorporate with the black and white floors. Now I know you might be thinking, is she nuts?

These color tones of light turquoise, tangerine, and yellow with actually soften the bold floor. In the illustration above I am not suggesting to use all the tones in this manner, but wanted you to get a little visual of these tones with the checkerboard.

The laundry room can be done with the above color tones as well. Another thought is a game room or entertainment room. This is where you imagination can run wild. Do you have the spouse or roommate that is totally nuts over car racing?

Go ahead and create your fun room.
Use the checkerboard design in flooring, or create the look through accents and accessories. Create a contemporary look with the checkerboard and compliment it with neutral colors throughout the room.

Have fun with the checkerboard whether it is in your flooring or other accents and accessories. The checkerboard floor doesn't have to feel outdated.

You can use this type of flooring also in a bathroom or kitchen and make the complete color scheme black and white. Awesome way to decorate in a contemporary style and add a little DecoArt.

The entertainment or game room might have a pool table, television, computer, darts, ping pong table or other fun items. Set the tone using your favorite theme in this room. Add some different accents to compliment the area.

Ah, so many possibilities of colors and themes to use with this old yet new black and white look. If you are thinking about decorating with those black and white squares and need some tips, feel free to ask.

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