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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

There are so many different ways to decorate during the holidays. You can consider traditional, country, formal, nostalgic, and a combination of memories through ornaments. Christmas tree decorating ideas is a page where you are able to see three different color schemes to consider decorating for the holiday season. In our house, each year brings about the same type of tree and putting up the those familiar ornaments from the past.

There is always a bit of anticipation when Tom and I pull the boxes out from a closet. I think to myself, I remember when one of our daughters made the ornament in school, years ago. In the first picture is our holiday tree. I come from a family that loves to decorate for the holidays. Due to the fact we have cayenne pepper colored walls in the living room and dining room, it can be a challenge to

Since we have so many older ornaments with many different special meanings, each year we put up the same ornaments.

The second photo is what I consider a formal look. Gold and white as the focal point colors allows one to think about not only formality, but also eloquence and style.

White and gold bows throughout the tree along with gold ornaments accent this color scheme beautifully. White Santa dolls scattered about gives you a sense of Victorian decorating. The gold and white Santa on top of the tree really blends in this color theme. Notice the white poinsettia in a few places. This tree is full of style and would make a wonderful addition to any room.

The neat thing about decorating for a holiday is you can bring out your own personality, as well as complimenting your themes and color tones in your rooms. I wanted to share with you a few tree ideas that create a unique look.

The third picture is one of the traditional green and red colors we all know so well during the holidays. To me this color theme could be put into a country setting or a traditional informal setting.

Big red bows are put throughout this tree, along with festive size ornaments. Once again this tree is full of color and depicts the mood of the holiday season. There are so many different accents and accessories you could use with the red and green color. Great tree to bring out your theme for Christmas.

The last photo is a little different in color tones, with brown and teal being the focal point.

I love the idea of doing something a little different with colors at the holidays or anytime of year. The doll on top of the tree really sets off the tone for this decor.

Notice how the tree comes to life with the brown and teal ribbons and bows. Also the brown and teal ornaments throughout the tree.

I like the fact that a third color was incorporated, the burnt orange. These colors are great to match and blend in well with a certain room or theme.

Feel free to check out another Christmas decorating idea. The second, third, and fourth pictures were taken in a speciality holiday shop. You can decorate your Christmas tree using any color combinations that will compliment other areas of your living space.

Some people opt to decorate in all white lights and a white ribbon mingled throughout the tree. Some may go in all red, all gold, or multi colors. Decorating for the holidays should be implementing your favorite colors, traditions, and creating a warm environment for your family and friends.


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