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Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas decorating is probably of the most exciting happenings of the year. This is a holiday that really expresses your own personality in decorating, whether you are stringing lights outside, or trimming a tree inside.

There are so many different ways to decorate a single room, an entire living space, or just put a couple of decorative holiday candles out.

I grew up in a family that loved decorating for this holiday. My father loved to string garland and lights all over the house. The festive mood my parents created have left me with wonderful memories of my childhood. The tradition has been kept alive in our home throughout the years. Every family has their own way of decorating, and there is no right or wrong way to decorate for the holiday inside or out.

You have the option to follow a few basic color ideas, bring in some different themes throughout rooms, and more importantly, have fun decorating.

There are many different ways to go about decorating for holidays. This particular holiday is one of the most traditional decorating holidays of the year. Decorating doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. Here are a few ideas and suggestions that may get you into the holiday spirit.
  1. Consider a color scheme in an individual room or entire living area.

  2. Do you want to have a theme base holiday? - formal, country, traditional, etc...

  3. Display any collectible items in odd numbers.

  4. Green and gold, and blue and silver work well together.

  5. Make holiday decorating a family project - let everyone get creative!

  6. Create a room using just white lights and a few other secondary colors.

  7. Traditional colors of red and green can be used throughout your holiday decorating.

  8. Balance your holiday lights just like you would balance a room year around with lighting.
Color schemes are great for Christmas decorating. Look at the entire color scheme of a room before you decide how to decorate for the holidays.

If your room has neutral colors throughout, think about adding those rich holiday tones of red and green.

Another idea in neutral base colors, is to give the room an eloquent and formal look with those collectibles that are fancy and delicate.

If your room or rooms are bold and bright in color, match some of those tones with your Christmas decorations.

Themes are a great way to make your rooms come to life during the holidays. If you have country decor throughout your living space, bring in some country decorations.

Plaids are great to incorporate into a country feel. An old sled sitting near a fireplace, holiday stuffed animals in a rocking chair, a picnic basket filled with small presents, or a few country decorations on an accent table.

Country Decor
This is simple decor of nine different items. A couple of inexpensive accent candle lights, two brown decorative tins, a wooden reindeer, and four country collectable items make this a nice accent for a country room. Any type of figurines or collectables can go with many different color themes.

Get the whole family involved! Let your children or family members do some decorating with their own creativity. If you love to decorate for the holidays, get your own overall plan, and give other family members the opportunity to create their own room, or even a little space. A great way to not only have family time, but also give your house that real personal touch.

White lights throughout a room gives the holiday a clean and crisp look. Add some gold and green tones or silver and blue, depending on the color scheme of the room. This is where you can display formal collectibles, crystal, and other eloquent accessories.

White lights also can be put in any color room. Create the look with striking colored bows, an accent table set with holiday dishes, and also a tree decorated with white sparking lights.

This photo was taken in a dining room and the accent furniture is one of the focal points of the room. The picture may be a little hard to make out as there is a soft blue accent light that creates a wonderful look.

This style is great for displaying a few holiday dishes, Santa's, and even a holiday pillow. Be creative with the items you already have. You can mix and match decorations and give your room a great theme or color scheme. Below are a few more pictures with some simple decorating ideas.

A great look for a small table or end table. The wall is done in a bright cayenne pepper color. I accented the small table with a deeper color cayenne linen, which blends well with the wall, and also brings a holiday tone into play.

There are five items, three ceramic Santa's, and two old accent lamps from my parents house. Just a little creativity can give you a great look for a small table.

This photo is of an informal mantle on a fireplace. Collectibles are put across the entire mantle and garland is strung with the colored lights. The blue garland accents other accessories in the room. A great way to bring out your primary and secondary colors.

If you have that piece of furniture you aren't using and just stored away, bring it out for the holidays, and decorate it. This is a modern piece of furniture that was an end table.

There was glass on the top and one of our larger cats broke the glass. Instead of buying new glass or throwing it away, I decided to create a simple holiday look. I added some lights with some artificial flowers around the entire base of the end table. A great little accent piece for any room.

These last two pictures are of a decorated piano and organ in the same room. The theme is a tropical and beach one and I created a couple of different ideas. The first picture is the piano and the green garland and lights adds a new dimension to the room. There are different figurines placed on the piano, and three stuffed animals. The organ has different beach collectables on it, and I accented them with white garland and lights. Not all the lights have garland around them. This gives you a small light effect on some figurines.

The above ideas and pictures are just a few simple suggestions to take your very own taste and personality, and create a room filled with your very own holiday spirit. There are so many other ways to decorative for the holidays.

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Holiday Decorating Contest Winner
Happy Holidays!

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