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Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

Country Christmas decorating ideas is all about keeping things simple. The word rustic comes to mind.

Wood base furniture and other accents creates a mood that brings the mind to a secluded area. A mountain cabin or camp, a buck stove, pine hard wood floors, and old accessories scattered around a living space.

Over the years I have created many different themes during the holidays. Think about creating in a room or two with a country Christmas theme. There are a variety of collectables and ornaments you can use.

Here are some ideas on how to create a simple country Christmas. Each photo shares a little bit of simple designing in a rustic and sometimes what I call,"old fashion way."

Ah, homemade baked goods during the holidays is delicious with any theme you may be decorating with.

The first photo shows you a country table filled with holiday foods.

A simple idea is to even take an accent wooden table and spread out your favorite holiday baked items.

The second picture shows you a typical country living room decorated with the red and white striped pillows.

The white curtains have an accent of red on them. The tree is full of color and flare. Notice how the tree is the focal point between two pieces of furniture. The result is a well balanced room.

The next three pictures really give you a feel for the theme. A window can become a focal point for the holidays. Homemade preserves accent the rustic look. Preserves are also great gifts to give during this special season. The idea of a holiday wreath creates a mood of simplicity and relaxation.

The next photo is a great shot of a country kitchen. The buck or wood burning stove is the focal point. See if you can be creative and think about how you could decorate this kitchen for the holidays.

I wanted to share the next photo with you to also use your imagination. This old piece of furniture is outside. How would you decorate it? I like the idea of a simple live pine wreath, and maybe a set of three medium size red bows tied on. This creates a very simple look.

An old sled is an ideal decoration of the holidays. Add some wrapped up empty containers to the sled and you feel like have stepped into the past. I don't recommend wrapped boxes for outside, as the weather may ruin them.

You can also bring the sled inside. I have an old sled and I move it from room each year, using different decorations. Great way to save money.

The next photo creates the atmosphere for the outside of a house. I think of the words, "cozy, warm, and cheerful" when I look at this picture. Simple decorations create a great outdoor setting for the holidays.

The third picture in this set magnifies the country holiday them. The table is full of pine cones, outside stones, and a few decorative candles. Great look for the outdoors during the holidays.

The first picture in this set is another look at a parlor or living room. If you noticed, there isn't a lot of Christmas decorations. Holly greenery is hung around the top of the fireplace. The mantel or mantle has a few old fashion style holiday decorations. Simple decorating with a room already filled with accents and accessories.

The Christmas tree and all the accessories around it. Presents flowing out from underneath the tree. The wooden beam in the background on the ceiling. The wooden table with the Poinsettia underneath. All of these items create a wonderful country Christmas decor.

The gathering place, the kitchen. This photo really shows the rustic look with the wooden beams going across the ceiling. The wooden beam over the stove decorated in traditional holly is splendid. A few decorations hanging on the wall gives you once again a simple look. The blue wall off sets the wood in the kitchen.

One of my favorite items to decorate during his holiday, wooden figurines. The nutcracker figurines are very popular to create that old look or country look.

Use Santa's, reindeer, snowmen, and other holiday figures. Position in odd numbers, and as you can see in this photo, there are only two.

Decorating in odd numbers is the standard rule of thumb in both interior and landscaping. I love the look of the wooden figurines in front of a fireplace. Use wood in creating different looks for rooms throughout your living space.

To me, this last photo really tells a story of country decor during the holidays. A table positioned in front of a window. The lamp on one end with the wreath hanging just above the table.

The table is full of a variety of collectables. A candle softly burns to accent the lamp, figurines and wreath. I love the setting of the background showing you a little of the porch.

Rustic and simple, and a cozy feeling of home. The bright tone yellow walls offset the holiday decor and make this living area a very special place.

Feel free to check out some other holiday decorating besides country Christmas decorating. Decorating your interior with a rustic Christmas feel is all about taking things you treasure around the house, adding a touch of simplicity, and creating your own identity to this particular theme. This style of decorating is a great option for you during the holiday season.


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