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Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating in small spaces can be frustrating and challenging to arrange furniture and decorate. I have also struggled in the past dealing with tiny rooms. One of the keys is to create the room to have a larger look and feel. Light tones and pastels are one of making the room seem bigger.

Another way is to arrange your furniture so that the appearance of the room is not cluttered. One of the biggest problem people get into with a tiny room, is the furniture is too big for the size of the room.

Get a little creative with when you are doing a tiny area. If you have existing furniture and the furniture just won't fit right, consider using different furniture from other rooms in that particular space. There are many times I will mix and match different furniture from other rooms.

The main goal which you hear me talk about is matching in color tones, as well as creating a good balance to the room. Below is a couple of simple diagrams of two little bedrooms.

Both of these pictures are very basic tiny rooms. Let's go through some things you should look at when planning your color and furniture in a little space.

The first diagram is of a simple layout of a bed, two dressers and a television on a stand. If your room is tiny and you don't have enough space for two dressers, arrange the one dresser in a central location on a wall.

Don't cram your bed into space, and a good idea if you are purchasing a bed for a tiny space, don't buy a bed that is bigger than the space can handle.

Too big and too much furniture in a tiny area results in frustration day after day. Notice in the first diagram how I positioned each piece of furniture. The room is balanced.

The second diagram gives you a basic idea of a tiny bedroom with twin beds in a room. If space is available, you can arrange two dressers across from each other.

If the area is just too tiny for two dressers, put a dresser on one wall and across from it put a desk, small play area, or another accent. This will of course depend on the ages of the persons using the room. Another option is to put a night stand in the middle, between the two beds.

You can also consider two tiny night stands on either side of both beds.

Himalayan Lamp For Your Tiny Space

Today's Featured Lamp For Your Tiny Space
I have this beautiful Himalayan Lamp. The lamp creates a warm and soft look to any tiny or large area. Great buy to brighten up your room.

Working with any tiny space requires a little creativity and also making that small space special.

I remember in a house we lived in Rochester, New York. We had a long and big master bedroom, but only a very tiny and narrow master bathroom.

We had a shower, commode, and also put a pedestal sink in the bathroom.

The pedestal sink is a great space saver, and also creates an eloquence look in a bathroom.

This is a classic example of a big bed in a small space. The room is narrow and with a large bed there is no space to walk around the bed. A little creativity with a small bed would work in this situation.

The walls are light and give the room an open look. The wood in the bed accents the light walls.

This photo is a great look of a kids bedroom. The space may be small, but toys and accessories are organized in a way to allow other furniture to fit nicely in the room.

Vertical shelves and storage is a great ideas for decorating small spaces. A small chair adds to the success of decorating in a small room.

This picture is of a full living room in a small space. Even thought it may look crowded, furniture and accessories are placed and displayed so the room can be walked through and enjoyed.

I love the mirror above the piece of furniture coming off gold tone walls. Mirrors are a great way to give a smaller room a sense of betting larger.

To some of you that have small spaces, you have the option of not putting so many accessories in the room. Your main goal is for you to enjoy and be comfortable.

Perfect size desk for small space
The last picture is a great view of a small desk in a little room. The desk fits perfect along the wall. A couple of pictures with frames hang vertically above the desk. Notice the picture from on the desk. This completes the series of odd number decorating, three pictures hung vertically.

The desk has just a couple of accessories on it, not to overpower the furniture. The basket on the floor compliments the color tones in the desk. Great idea for using a desk in a small room.

Here are four tips I like to use when decorating in a small space.
  1. Pick a light color to enhance the size of the room.

  2. The furniture should fit the with the size and portion of the room.

  3. Don't be afraid to add accessories around the room, as this creates your own personality.

  4. You can create a tiny space into a real enjoyable room by balancing the room.
Light color tones for tiny areas can be white, neutrals or pastels. You can use a bold or darker color, but remember that will give the room a more enclosed look.

Whether you paint or wallpaper when decorating small spaces, the main goal is to have your colors blend well, and your room be balanced.

Properly arranging your furniture in any room will give you one piece of balance. The others come with blending your color tones, and also hanging pictures.

Don't let decorating in small spaces get you down and frustrated. Work with color, arranging the furniture to balance your room, and go ahead and use accessories to enhance the beauty of your tiny space.

There are so many different ideas today on sprucing up your different rooms Your main goal is to take the time to plan out what colors, accents, accessories would best fit your budget and day to day living. I hope this page on arranging furniture has given you some ideas if you are decorating in small spaces.

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