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Different Shades And Tones To Use In Rooms

Different shades and tones in rooms can create a striking look. Below are basic and simple ideas for you using a variety of colors. There are many beautiful rooms you see in magazines and on the Internet.

Sometimes even as a designer they can become overwhelming with all the color tones available today. This site is a simple approach to interior decorating. The color wheel section will give each of you some suggestions on putting certain shades together.

Let's take a look at a pattern with some different colors. As you can see in the photo below there are burnt orange to brown tones. The burnt orange tone has been around in decorating for a long while. The 60's and 70's were famous for the burnt orange color in fabrics, accessories, and of course the shag rug. This color is still popular in accenting a room.

Let's go ahead and put this pattern into a couple of options. The first is if you are using these color tones in fabric. We'll take an example of this flower pattern and visualize this a bedspread or comforter.

What colors looking at the fabric would you want to paint the walls? Of course the final decision is yours, but as you can see the color pattern in the photo there are some bold tones in it. I like the idea of toning down the wall with a possibility of a soft green or blue tone.

Looking at the color samples above the green tone would make a great color for the walls, and also compliment the fabric. The blue is soft enough that this will also work on the walls. If you want to go with a softer look, use a lighter shade. To get a crisp and clean look, you could use an white color. To tone down the white, mix a little blue or green with the white before you paint. This will soften the stark white look.

Neutrals are always popular on walls. If you use a new color, you can add more shades and tones of different colors in your accents and accessories.

If you have your fabric first, always take the fabric with you to get paint samples. Your curtains could be in a solid color or a soft two tone stripe. This is where you could use the green or blue or even incorporate the burnt orange and tan tones. The woodwork or trim could be done in an off white or use the blue or green tone. A nice touch also is matching the woodwork color with the brown in the fabric. Always play around with colors and tones before doing any interior project.

A wonderful option for you is the Lowe's book above. Many different color tones and shades and different decorating ideas. Great holiday gift idea or for any time of the year. Just CLICK on the photo a get all the details.

Another option is if this pattern is wallpaper or just a border. It doesn't matter whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, pick a primary color out of the pattern to use in accents, such as fabric and furniture.

Use other secondary colors in accessories to compliment the primary color. This is a great way to balance out a room. Whenever you are using different colors, you will want to pick out your base color and compliment it with a secondary or other colors.

The photos above are good examples of using the burnt orange, blue, or green as a base color, and complimenting it with the other colors in the pattern.

These two photos show you two different style rooms. The lime green tone walls in the first picture gives the room a modern day look to it.

The soft orange accent color of the pillows creates a nice balance. Simple look and feel with not too many colors trying to dominate.

The second photo clearly creates a crisp and clean look. Blue walls with white sofa and matching blue tone cushions. A soft hardwood floor blends in nicely with entire color scheme.

I love these to photos. Two different color schemes to decorate a room.

The first picture creates a statement with the red tone walls. The couch with different rich colors, allows you to bring in these colors in your accents and accessories.

The second photos creates a completely softer look to the room. The neutral walls balances out nicely with the soft tone hardwoods.
This option also can allow you to use different shades and tones from the sofa. These two photos can give you ideas on how to use your favorite colors to create an area of relaxation and enjoyment.

Different shades and tones in rooms are a great way to incorporate a theme. Another option is use tones of green or blue for your carpet. The idea when decorating a room or an overall theme in a condo, apartment, or house, is to have a base color as your focal point, and then work off that base color. The pattern above gives you an idea of how to take these particular colors and work with the burnt orange, blue and green tone.

If you want a rich feel, pick out the bold orange color as your base color.

This could be done in a room your a trying to make a statement using deeper color tones. The burnt orange could be the focal point, with curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, napkins and other accessories in your lighter tones of green and blue.

Use the same color family of the darker orange - brown tones if you have wood furniture or floors. Bring out the color in an elm, or Mahogany wood. You can soften up the room a bit using some accents such as light wicker furniture, off white window treatments, and some decorative lighting using small strands of lights.

These are just a couple of ideas for you using these colors and a pattern. Play around with these particular colors and see what you come up with for your base and focal point color, and also your different secondary colors. The final choice in decorating any room is yours, but remember, balancing a room out with color, accents, and accessories is a key to having a wonderful look, and a great place to call home.

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