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Dining Room - Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas

The dining room is a wonderful room to decorate for Christmas and the holiday season. You can decorate this room in a formal, country, whimsical, or any other theme base.

I wanted to share some decorations from our home in this special room. One of the problems I run into each holiday season is decorating with the traditional colors of red and green.

Our living room and dining room are painted in a bold cayenne pepper color. I like to create a balanced look by putting miniature lights around the room on different pieces of furniture. Adding some garland to the lights creates a warm and cozy feeling.

Each year I will change around some of the decorating at the holidays to incorporate different themes and also add a little new dimension to the room. When you decorate your rooms for Christmas and the holidays, the most important aspect is to create your own style for you and your family to enjoy.

Below are some photos of different pieces of furniture and how I took a basic country theme and transformed the room from a bold cayenne pepper feel, to a balanced holiday place to relax.

This photo was taken of the oak file cabinet. The four plates and cup represent a country theme. There are two brown tin cans in the background. A stained wooden reindeer adss to the flavor of the holidays and is in the center.

I wanted to bring out the blue tones in the plates and cups so I put some blue garland around some miniature white lights. Notice how each item is positioned and also the number of items are eleven, an odd number. Simple decoration that will work well in a dining room setting on any piece of furniture.

This is a holiday village I put together on an old sewing machine. I kept within the country theme with a tablecloth on the sewing machine. These are not expensive houses in the village.

An idea for you is to use a little creativity and add a few figurines such as people, a guardian angel by a church, and place some cotton around the village to make it look like snow.

I also put a clock we have gotten from a Scottish woman at an SBI! conference in San Diego. A real treasure to display in a village. The clock brings a little international flare. Each building has a light, so the entire village is balanced on the sewing machine. A fun piece to create.

This is actually our oldest daughter's piano. We are storing it for her until she gets a bigger place. Our piano is in our family room and this piano is in the dining room.

Continuing in the country theme there are eleven decorative figures placed along the piano. This is a fun decorating idea that the whole family can become involved with.

Many colors make up the different figures so I decided on miniature colored lights and wrapped them in gold garland. Notice how the figures are placed on the piano. The tallest ones in the back and the shorter ones upfront. This is another simple Christmas or holiday decorating idea for you to do.

The next two photos are of our main buffet in the dining room. We have had this piece since 1983, and although it has a few scratches here and there, I still love the piece. I wanted to bring in a little eloquence and formality with the country theme so I took white garland and added white miniature lights to the garland.

In the background you can faintly see a holiday throw blanket hung on the wall.

We are fortunate to have vaulted ceilings so I was able to balance the entire wall with the throw blanket acting as a backdrop. The wooden soldiers and tall candle holders blend well with the openness of the wall.

This picture is a close up of a treasure of the holidays for me. The Christmas dishes were my parents. They are the focal point of this piece of furniture.

A great idea is to display your holiday dishes before using them. The white garland and lights compliment the dishes and brings the whole piece of furniture together. It is endless all the dining room holiday decorating ideas that can be done.

I love these set of 7 Flicker Flame Christmas Lights to put out for the holidays. Great on a buffet, accent table, serving table, or even a counter area. Just CLICK on the photos and get all the details. Great buy for this seven piece set, and also a wonderful gift. The gold will blend in with many other Christmas or holiday decorating themes, either creating a formal or informal look. Feel free also to head on over to the Christmas And Seasonal Online Shop and shop early for the holidays. Great year around online store!

We have had this manger scene for years and each year I end up putting it in a different room. I wanted to continue balancing the room with the miniature lights all around. I also wanted the simplistic of the manager so no garland was added, just colored miniature lights.

If you celebrate Kwanzaa or Hanukkah, create your favorite candles or baskets with the simplicity of just a strand of miniature colored or white lights. Another simple idea for your dining room or any other room.

This photo is of a desk that is situated near the front door. The glass covering over the desk makes it a dynamic piece of furniture to add garland and lights. The decorative glass bowls along with the red tin creates a multi look of different themes

Don't feel you have to have the exact same theme throughout a room during the holidays. I love creating different themes in one room.

The clear white jar is great to add three or more decorative ornaments inside. The gold garland with the color lights gives this piece of furniture a finished look.

The last photo is one of my favorite items to decorate year around. I especially like to do different ideas from year to year.

This year I wanted to add a little formal look to the sled to balance it in with the different themes throughout the room.

One single Poinsettia in the center of the sled is accented with white garland and white lights. The sled and lights look nice off a hard wood floor. Simple decorating with great results.

Decorating your dining room or any other room can give the room a great holiday atmosphere. Mix and match themes or have one theme through each room. I have enjoyed sharing our diningroom with you and hope I have been able to give you some simple ideas on decorating your living space for Christmas or the holidays.

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