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Easy Easter Decorating

Easy Easter decorations can be done at the last minute. I don't know about you, but it seems like before you know it, another holiday is here. Both of our girls are grown up now, and many of our holiday decorations have been given away.

The days of the Easter eggs and baskets hold many memories for us. I like to put out some type of decoration at different occasions and holidays.

The first thing I like to do is to think about the holiday coming up. Easter represents rebirth and the beginning of a new season. In the south where I live, the Dogwoods are in bloom as well as some of our Azaleas. I like to cut flowers and transform their beauty to my interior, especially during the holidays.

Easter Tulips in vase
Tulips represent one of the first glances of spring and warmer weather. Today, there are so many different colors of tulips and other springtime flowers to use.

This easy vase decoration isn't hard to make. A white table scarf or runner creates the base or foundation of the decoration. Use a couple of different colors of tulips. Two yellow and one red work perfectly in this size vase. Compliment the flowers with a ribbon around the top of the vase.

I like to bring in a soft and warm color for the ribbon. Add some matching eggs around the vase and there you have it, an easy decoration that will add so much to a room.

I wanted to share with you some simple decorations for the Easter season. You can decorate with accessories already around the house, and the cost can be very minimal.

Country and back to nature are hot trends for 2011. A single basket with decorative eggs and some fresh herbs look wonderful as an accessory on a countertop or table. Match the color of your eggs with the decor in the room.

This is one of the great aspects of interior decorating now, the eggs don't have to fall into the traditional colors. These eggs in the basket are quail eggs. The colors could easily be blended in a neutral or black and white decor.

The ceramic bunny is a classic of this holiday season. The pure white bunny figurine creates a great accessory for different areas of a room.

You can put any color candle in the bunny to blend in with your colours. A very simple decoration and one that you can change out the color of the candle every year.

Make sure you check out all the decorations for this very special time of year. There are so many different things you can do with a table setting using colors. Lime tone green is very popular today. Yellow is a fantastic matching color with the lime green.

Think about decorating a holiday table just with two complimentary colors and a base color. The white plates, dishes and tablecloth lays out the foundation for this decoration.

Green and yellow can be brought in with eggs, ribbons, flowers and napkins. Another great option is to have a little favor or gift for each person at his or her place setting.

A simple basket with a decorative egg is an idea. You can also put a single tulip or other spring flower with a small ribbon around the flower. Simple decorating within your budget.

The linen scarf is one my mother made years ago. She passed on in 2000, and I hold her memories and gift of embroidery close to my heart. The colors in the scarf are in the pastel family. The flowers are real Azaleas.

In front of the flowers are two candles. Purple does represent a color in an Easter theme. On either side of the flowers are a dish of jelly beans. Tom loves black jelly beans, so there is always a dish handy at this time of year.

Simple and easy decoration that was created in about ten minutes. I already had all the materials.

Stuffed Bunny And Candles
The second easy Easter decoration is a simple idea of taking a stuffed rabbit, putting it in a soft colored basket. I added three small candles in front, and finished it off by putting two small glass vases with the fresh Azaleas flowers.

The small linen is also one my mom made. The colors or colours blend in well. This makes a great little decoration for a kitchen table, an accent piece of furniture, or even a counter top.

Easy and simple Easter decorations from things you have already around your house, and costing you nothing.

A little creativity and time can give you the atmosphere of Easter or any special event or holiday. Think about any candles, baskets, or other accessory that would fit into the Easter theme.

Pastels are wonderful colors to think about during the Easter season.

Do you have any flowers or even evergreen leaves that you could incorporate into a decoration? If you haven't had a chance feel free to see and read about many different plants in my other Web site, landscape solutions for you. I will bring you to the site map where there are many simple and easy solutions, for landscape projects, identifying plants, and much more.

I will have to admit even though our girls are grown, I do miss the Easter egg hunt, and the surprise on their faces on Easter morning with the goodies in their baskets.

Although we are still very close and we do get them some gifts every Easter, I like to create the atmosphere of the season through some simple decorations.

Above are two wonderful ways to think about the vibrant beauty of the upcoming holidays. Just CLICK on the pictures and get all the details. A lot of fun for the whole family.

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