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Flower Arranging - Different Ideas For Your Inside

Flower arranging for your interior doesn't have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, with a little creativity and your own taste you can do a cut flower arrangement with little or no expense.

Some of you may do arranging for a living, while others, like myself, enjoy a little color and touch of the outdoors inside.

I am known to be a spontaneous person and will "get away from things" for awhile by relaxing with a little decorating project.

Here are five different ways I took a little of the outdoors and brought it into the house with cut flowers, shrubs, and other materials.

This first little arrangement below could be put anywhere in your living space.

The summertime colors are so refreshing. This is the only investment I did for the five different arrangements.

The cost was $4.99 for the flowers.

I wanted a bright and colorful arrangement, yet very small and simple. The rose is the center focal point in the wine decanter, with a couple of added accent colors around the rose.

A couple of wine glasses adds the complete odd number in designing. A little display like this adds a formal yet delightful look. Notice the scarf that is on this buffet.

The white background gives the arrangement a crisp and clean look, and the the embroidered orange butterflies accent the flowers. Match your fabric or scarfs with the arrangement.

This bowl has a little different look to it. Very simple and yet, the variegated leaves from a Golden Euonymous shrub creates a cool look using the yellow and green leaves.

Fill the bowl at first with a little water. Put the cut leaves around the bottom of the bowl, giving them a horizontal effect. Add more leaves vertically.

Put the water half way up the bowl. It gives you the true colors of the leaves as well as a different look with the leaves under the water. This arrangement could also be done with cut flower petals through the bowl. This little accessory was done in about five to ten minutes.

Natural Moss In Bowl
This display is definitely taking the outside and bringing it inside. The base is a plastic bowl. I went out along our driveway and by some trees are natural growing ground moss.

The moss comes out of the ground very easily, but be careful to try and keep the pieces or piece in tack.

There are a couple of things you can do with the moss. If you want, add some light weight top soil to the bowl.

Moisten the top soil and put on the bottom of the bowl. Add your moss all the way throughout the bowl. For this arrangement, I added water instead. If you keep the moss moist, it will last quite awhile.

My goal with this arrangement was to give this a real outdoorsy look. I got three little pine sprigs and put the in a triangle shape. I added some acorns and yes, I even added a couple of weeds to really give it a natural look.

Two frogs and a rabbit figurine creates the final look I was going for. Cost, $0.00. Just a little creativity and a wonderful arrangement, especially for a camp setting and a lake or mountain cabin.

This is a very simplistic vase with some fresh cut Black Eyed Susans from my backyard. I planted them in a mass setting around evergreen shrubs.

I also have three Eucalyptus trees and cut some pieces off the branches. The little added touch I gave this arrangement was the natural stones in the vase. Just a little something different that shows my own personality. Cost, $0.00.

The last arrangement is one of my favorites. These pieces of wood are very special to Tom and I.

A very close friend down the street is a fantastic woodworker. He hand crafted the two round bowls as well as the lantern in the center. Beautiful wood working and unbelievable groves throughout each piece.

The wooden box in the center was given to me years ago by one of my best friends in Rochester, New York. Two natural candles accent all the pieces of wood. The bamboo table runner creates the total atmosphere of this arrangement. I topped of this with natural pine branches. There are so many other accessories that will compliment these arrangements.

These five flower and shrub arrangements gave me some relaxation and enjoyment. If you are looking for a specific type of cut flower, check out the site map on my landscape solutions for you site. There are many pages that have a variety of flowers that could be cut for your indoor enjoyment.


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