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Free Holiday Decorating Ideas

Free, simple, and easy Christmas and holiday decorating for your interior. This page continues different ideas of decorating for the holiday season. I wanted to share with you some odds and ends of a few different decorations I do around our home.

This is the kitchen cupboards. They are decorated with miniature lights and garland. The lights and the glistening garland accent the decor that is hung above the cupboards. With the other holiday lights strung in the kitchen, this balances the entire room with accent lighting.

This series of three country type stuffed animals are really door knob decorations. I used them for years but seem to run into the problem of them not staying on the door knobs.

The last couple of years I decided not to deal with constantly trying to make them stay on the door knobs. I took thumb tacks and did a triangle shape on a whimsical wall in the kitchen.

Balanced look with the triangle and odd number in decorating, and creating a whimsical with a country type look.

This shelf is also in the whimsical kitchen area. I periodically change the look of a room throughout the year. I wanted to display these old red tone dishes as they were my mothers.

During the holidays I also wanted to accent them with white lights. The miniature white lights add a little formality as well as that old look.

This shelf becomes the focal point of the wall with other old pictures around and along the wall. A simple and easy idea for your old dishes, that is also free, expect for the inexpensive miniature lights.

The Gothic look with the column decor. An idea is to add a gold scarf along with a red cloth napkin.

The bowl was handmade and is used with many different types of seasonal silk and dried flower arrangements.

The gold silk leaves in the arrangement compliment the gold scarf. The red flowers with a red cloth napkin creates a vibrant look.

A simple and easy holiday decoration to create in just minutes. To me this is a easy free flowing Christmas Gothic look.

This is our downstairs hallway. Each year we decorated it with miniature lights strung along and around the pictures. Rachael, our youngest does this each year.

She has moved out on her own and will have her own place to decorate for the holidays. She decided to leave the left side on the top without lights, as she felt there was enough lighting to create the mood of Christmas.

You can brighten it up a little more by adding lights on all of your walls. The hallway runs around 52 feet, so the expense was in the initial cost of the miniature lights. Decorating a hallway with lights brightens up the evening chill and creates a festive yet cozy atmosphere.

This decoration I always enjoy doing. I take a holiday throw blanket and put in the center of the couch. The small Christmas pillow looks great in between two holiday bears. The accent pillow blend in well with the tones of the blanket. The bears outfits also blend in. A cute idea that the children and grandchildren can enjoy.

After the picture was taken I put the Christmas pillow and bears on top of the couch or to one side, obviously so people can sit on the couch. Easy and simple idea that takes a few minutes to put together.

The last photo in this series of free, simple, and easy Christmas and holiday decorations is something you can do on your kitchen or dining room table. This can also be done on any type of accent table.

The tablecloth acts as the base of this decoration. I added three candle goblets. The base of the goblets are in gold, red, and green.

I added three decorative Christmas Ornaments around the goblets. Each ornament has a little gold in it. I finished it off by putting gold garland around the ornaments and candle goblets. This took me about five minutes to put together. A simple yet a little dressy look to spruce up a table.

I wanted to share with you a couple of free ideas on how to take simple holiday decorations and easily put them together.

Of course there may be an initial cost to the decorations, but once you have bought them, enjoy them year after year. Feel free to check out other ideas for decorating at Christmas. Get a little creative and change out the look of holiday decorating from year to year. I hope this has given you some free holiday decorating ideas for your own living space.


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