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Gothic Decorating Ideas - Simple and Rich Color Tones

Gothic or Roman decorating has rich color tones with dynamic accents. When you think of the Roman era in decor, what comes to mind? Pillars, long heavy gold tone drapes, accessories of candles, mirrors, and lighting.

You can create a little Gothic or Roman feel to a room or a central theme throughout your living space.

I like to take things I already have around the house. I would like to share with you some of my ideas for a simple rich Gothic look.
  1. Beautiful columns
  2. Sheer fabrics
  3. Rich gold, black, and brown tones accented with one or two other complimentary colors
  4. Fig or big leaf branches with colorful pastel or passive flowers
  5. Different style halos, such as twig or flower worn by women dressed in sleek white attire
  6. Figurines of silver, black or gold
  7. Different style candles
This photo shows you a rich gold and tan base wallpaper. This style of paper can be put on all your walls, or use it as an accent on just one wall If you look at it closely you can see the crackle effect it has.

One of the nice things about a neutral colors are great Gothic decorating ideas. paper is you have the options of creating a variety of look and feel. This is a great paper to consider doing the entire room, one wall, or even half walls.

Neutral and earth tones will blend into great with this particular theme. Besides the rich tones, you can soften up the room or rooms with using different neutral colors in accents and accessories. The products you see in this Inside Out Decorating store I have carefully selected for your decorating needs.

This picture captures the Gothic feel with the wallpaper and a border added to it. Visualize walking into a room with the entire walls done with this paper and border. Ah, you immediately become captivated by the walls. This particular paper is a vinyl paper that will put off a little shine, as well as easy to wash.

You have a couple of options you can do with this type of paper.

I like the idea of doing all the walls in the paper with a border in the Gothic style. You could also use a gold base paper and paint half walls, one, two, of three walls. This decision is strictly up to you and your taste. A great accent paint would be a tan base paint with a little gold in the paint. Let's take a close up look at the border I used.

This is such a simplistic border that gives you the feel of the Roman era. The border to me allows you to bring in other accent and accessory colors into the room. The black and gold tones are great to do in picture frames, figurines, and other items.

2 Cast Iron
Fleur de Lys
Candle Sticks

1918 Print
French Gothic
Chest Wood Panel
Carving Decor
Here are two great accessories for this theme. Check them out and see if they fit into your decor.

Think about putting up white or off white sheer curtains. If you need the privacy, add some tan long swag curtains or black.

Great look! Of course, the colors and decor you use for this style room is really up to you.

Play around with the Gothic theme and think in terms of the columns and other thoughts I mentioned above. No, you don't have to incorporate columns into your wall structure. This can get expensive unless you are building or remodeling.

Column With Gothic Accessories
This was actually an inexpensive little column I bought a few years ago. This piece is wonderful for different options of displaying a plant, candles, and other items.

The white represents the Gothic theme. You can use one, two, or even three small columns like this.

The picture on the right shows you a little feel for the Roman times. These are things I had around the house, so it didn't cost anything for the accessories.

I took a sheer curtain and placed it over the column. I didn't put it on evenly as I wanted that final look. I bunched it up on the top to give it a more natural look.

I used antique brass candle holders, which will work fine if you don't have solid brass. The white candles match well with the column. The artificial leaves across the top gives you another secondary color.

Now the halo that is in front is something I found in an old sewing machine that my great aunt gave me years ago. Sometimes it pays off not to throw some things out over the year. The truth about this piece is it actually is a pony tail holder that girls used many, many years ago. It expands and gave me the look I wanted. Other options are real branches and flowers on the column.

This is one focal point that can be used on a wall. The picture really depict the era and the whole feel of the room. I bought several years ago a series of three, one large picture, and two smalls. You can position the big picture in the center of the wall and the two smaller ones around it.

Gothic or the Roman era has so many different possibilities for interior decorating. Think about the things you have around your living space before you invest in any material. Start with a plan of the overall theme.

Walls are your foundation, so decide if you want wallpaper, paint, or both. Any instruments you have laying around your house that would fit this theme, will work as great accessories. Keep in mind the colors that were used during this period.

Make sure you check out other themes for any room in your interior space. This is a great idea to give a room a formal look, whether it be a dining room, bedroom, or main living area. Consider putting out a bowl of fresh fruit on an accent table.

These are a couple of simple ideas. Let your imagination begin to create your own Roman style room.

Taking basic colors of a time period, adding some great looking accents and accessories, and you have yourself a delightful room or rooms to enjoy for years to come.


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