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Holiday And Seasonal Decorating - Simple Ideas

Holiday and seasonal decorating can happen year around in your interior living space. This is where you can bring out your own personality and family tradition.

There is something about the different times of year and adding a few accessories to incorporate an upcoming event.

Whether you live by yourself or with a family, decorating for that special time of year can be fun. It can also give you a temporary new look.

Tradition plays a big role in decorating. Coming from a father that loved to decorate at Christmas our family continues the tradition.

My mother baked all sort of different Christmas cookies, candy, and other seasonal goods. My mom has passed on, but her seasonal recipes are used every year. Even though my sisters and I live a long distance apart, they as well as their families, we love decorating.

Valentine's Day

July 4th Simple Place Setting
Pummpkin Lights

Turkey Gooble Til Ya Wobble
Country Chrismas Decor

Our younger daughter while living at home started decorating for Christmas sometimes during the Thanksgiving season. Our house was full of a festive mood with lights and garland everywhere. Of course mom has to get involved with arranging collectables. This will be fun to share with each other your own season tradition and decorating. Whether it is a single pumpkin decorated in the Halloween colors of orange and black, let's have some fun and share our creativity with others.

This section of interior decorating ideas for you will be about just that, taking simple ideas and creating a special look for different seasonal events. You will be able to share ideas with other visitors to this site, as well as learn a few tricks on decorating from others. We can also learn about different holidays and cultures and how others decorate and celebrate. I also want to include in this section some of your favorite recipes that go along with decorating for the seasons. We will also take a look at special ways to decorate for different events.

  1. Bridal showers
  2. Game Night
  3. Anniversaries
  4. Birthday Parties
  5. Different culture celebrations
  6. Football and other sports parties
  7. Beach party in the coldest month of the year
  8. Many other themes for you to plan a special dinner or holiday event.

I look forward to creating different looks for you own living space as well as mine. Do you have special holiday decorating or decorations and want to show others your thoughts and creativity? Go ahead and share your decorating ideas or special event with others.

Valentine Day Decorating, Some Simple Ideas
Valentine Day decorating can be fun to do. I like to take items that are already around the house and create a little Valentine magic in a room or two. Here are some very simple decorating ideas to get you in the mood for the Valentine holiday.

Easy Easter Decorating
Easter is a season of rebirth and colorful pastels. Here are two easy and simple Easter decorations that can be created in just a short time and the cost is $0.00. Taking things that you already have around your living space and creating easy and simple accents for the Easter holiday.

Fall Decorating Ideas
Fall is a great time to decorate your interior space. Colors of vibrant orange, yellow, and red come to mind. Simple ideas for you to bring in the fall colors into your interior decor.

Halloween - Simple Ideas To Decorate For The Season
Halloween is a great time of year. The outdoors is full of vibrant colors in many regions of the world. Halloween inside and reflect the brilliant fall leaves. Here are some simple seasonal and holiday decorating ideas for Halloween. Take your own personality and get in the spirit of all the upcoming holidays.

Thanksgiving - Last Minute Easy Decorating Ideas
Ah, the hustle and bustle of the holiday seasons. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year for great food, great company, and enjoying the atmosphere of the past or present outdoor colors. This page gives you simple and easy last minute decorating ideas for you. Tom and I would like to wish you and your family and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Christmas And Holiday Decorating Ideas.

Check out the past - Outside Holiday And Christmas Decorating Contest

Vote In Holiday Decorating Contest
The voting has begun. Go and vote for your favorite photo and description. The voting is taking place from December 14-16. The winner will be announced December 17. Good luck to all the entries and thank you for entering the holiday inside out decorating contest.

Holiday Decorating Contest
Enter your photo and description on how you decorate your outside for Christmas or the holidays. You can enter from November 17th - December 10th. Anyone can vote from December 11th - 15th. The winner will be announced on December 16th, and receive through e-mail a $50.00 gift certificate to Amazon. Enter, vote, and win! Happy Holidays!

Christmas Holiday Recipes
Do you have a favorite Christmas or holiday recipe? Do you blend in the colors of your holiday decorating with your meals and baked goods. Coordinating some colors in food with your holiday decor creates a great atmosphere for your family and friends. Check out my mom's infamous sugar cookie recipe.

Hanukkah Decorating Ideas
Hanukkah or the Festival Of Lights is a scared Jewish holiday. You can decorate with the traditional Hanukkah colors of blue, silver, and white. Create with your own personality and a little bit of the traditionals colors. You can also combine Christmas and Hanuakkah in the same living space. What a great way to teach children about different holidays.

Kwanzaa - Celebrate Family And Culture
Kwanzaa is a special holiday for African Americans. The celebration last for seven days and is truly focused with family and the pride of their culture. Come learn some tips on decorating for Kwanzaa.

Christmas Place Setting - Holiday Ideas
Christmas and holiday tables create a festive atmosphere during the holidays. A Christmas or holiday place setting gives each friend or family member their own identity. Here are 12 Christmas place settings that may get your creative juices flowing for the upcoming season.

Country Christmas Decorating Ideas
Country Christmas decorating is a great way to create a simple and rustic atmosphere for your holidays. Wooden figurines, old time collectable, and simple wreaths can give you a look of the country. It doesn't matter whether you live in the country or city, go ahead and take things around your house and get the country look done in time for the holidays. Check out some photos of simple country style decorating.

Christmas Holiday Wreaths
Christmas holiday wreaths add warmth to an inside room. Wreaths can also add color and character to outdoor features. Here are some simple thoughts on decorating for the upcoming holidays. There are different photos for you to see as well.

Outside Christmas Decorating Ideas
Outside Christmas decorating ideas just for you. Whether you are celebrating, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, take your own personality and create your outdoors with color, heritage, and a festive season. Here are some photos of outside holiday decorations.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas
There are so many ways to decorate your holiday tree. Some people like to decorate their Christmas tree with one or two colors. Others like to have muli colors. Some incorporate a theme into their tree and entire holiday decor. Take a look at three different Christmas tree decorating ideas, as well as how Tom and I decorate for the holidays.

Christmas Decorating Ideas
A few and simple Christmas decorating ideas for you. Christmas decorating doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. This is a wonderful holiday to create a room or rooms with your very own taste and personality. There is no right or wrong way to decorate for the Christmas holiday.

Tree Trimming And More - Weekly Christmas Decorating Tips For You
Sharing for the holidays is a great way for others to see how you decorate for Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah. I will be doing Christmas decorations as well as sharing our holiday decorating for you. Let's get into the holiday spirit and share with others.

Another simple Christmas decorating idea. Put a little eloquent look to your interior. Gold and white create a wonderful holiday atmosphere.

Steps In Putting Up A Christmas Or Holiday Tree
Necessary Christmas decorating idea. Simple steps in correctly putting up your Christmas or holiday trees. I will share with you some basic steps and safety tips for putting up your very special tree.

Traditional Tree Decorating With Special Ornaments
There are so many different ideas for decorating a Christmas or holiday tree. I wanted to share with you my family's traditional way of decorating our tree. Special ornaments that have been passed down as well as ornaments that hold many memories. Feel free to share you tree decorating with us.

Christmas And Holiday Mantle Decorating Ideas
Mantle decorating at Christmas and the holiday can be so much fun. Use your own personality and colors that blend into the room with a fireplace. Give your mantle a formal, whimsical, or theme look to it. Here are a couple of ideas for you for the fireplace mantle.

Free Holiday Decorating Ideas
Free and easy Christmas and holiday decorations for you. Get your creative juices flowing and decorate for the holiday with some simple ideas for different rooms of your living space.

Dining Room Holiday Decorating Ideas
The dining room is a great place to enjoy food, family and friends. Here are some simple decorating ideas for you from our dining room. Take any theme or add some themes together to create a great look for the holiday season.

Christmas Cactus - Great Plant For The Holidays
The Christmas cactus shares the spot light for color during the holiday season. The flowers burst into a festive mood and bring life to an accent table. A simple idea to spruce up your seasonal decorating.


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