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The Interior Blog is for you to view all the new pages on interior-decorating-ideas-for-you site.

The page will also give you different tips and techniques on decorating your interior, as well as share with you some simple inexpensive design secrets.

Creative a new look or redoing a room doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Take a little creativity with things you already have around your living space. Easy decorating ideas just for you.

A wide variety of decorating accents and accessories. Theme based rooms to products that reflect the hottest trends in decorating in 2012. Nautical and Country are two big trends. Simple and back to the basics. Stay within your budget and decorate your interior reflecting your own personality.

Understanding color combinations, balancing rooms from the top to bottom, and blending your accents and accessories. All of these items are very important in creating an inviting and relaxing interior space for you to enjoy. This site is all about everyday projects that won't burn a hole in your wallet or bank account!

One of the great aspects of everyday decorating is you can take items already in your living space, rearrange them in different rooms. This is an easy way to give a new look and a different feel to the room. You can also mix themes in one room. Take nautical and nostalgic themes and bring the old look back with a taste of the sea.

This blog will keep you updated for that simple project you may have procrastinated. Now is the time to think about decorating on a dime.

Your Inside Blog

Feb 24, 2015

Green And Three Shades - Lime, Sage, And Hunter

Green is such a popular color in decorating. Three green shades, lime, sage, and hunter.

Continue reading "Green And Three Shades - Lime, Sage, And Hunter"

Jan 04, 2015

Question From Norma In Corpus Christi

Planning on painting a room? Norma, from Corpus Cristi, Texas send a question in yesterday. Go ahead and read the questions and a couple ideas of what colors I recommended to paint her room. She has blue and white titles.

Continue reading "Question From Norma In Corpus Christi"

Jan 03, 2015

Interior Decorating Ideas For You

Interior Decorating Ideas For You will give you some simple tips for your home, apartment, or office. Different ideas for your interior.

Continue reading "Interior Decorating Ideas For You"

Jul 28, 2014

Trolley's in Madison, S.Dakota - Ricky & Vicki Johns owners

Hi my husband and I are getting ready to open a new place in Madison, SD. Madison is a small town that has 3 lakes near by. It is also a rural area with

Continue reading "Trolley's in Madison, S.Dakota - Ricky & Vicki Johns owners"

Jul 18, 2014

I am a newly Divorced dad and need some help

I have moved into a house that needs a lot of work to make it my own. My question is I have a grey upholstered bed being devilvered. The bathroom connecting

Continue reading "I am a newly Divorced dad and need some help"

Feb 03, 2014

Plan For A New Home

Plan for a new home by staying within your budget. Think about your long term investment.

Continue reading "Plan For A New Home"

Nov 12, 2013

Color combination

I have a family room,kitchenette and kitchen open concept, can I have rust leather in the family room and black leather in the kitchen and kitchenette?

Continue reading "Color combination"

Nov 05, 2013

what flooring type would you put in a home with a lot of wood trim? Tile or wood?

I have a new home in Oklahoma. Outside is of brick. The inside has white tiles and white carpet. There is a lot of wood trim and molding through out

Continue reading "what flooring type would you put in a home with a lot of wood trim? Tile or wood?"

Mar 29, 2013

Porch Decorating Ideas, Inside And Out

Porch decorating ideas is all about you and and your own personality. Inside and outside suggestions for you.

Continue reading "Porch Decorating Ideas, Inside And Out"

Mar 28, 2013

School Age Children - Decorating Rooms To Please

School age children can be challenging to decorating their room. Some simple tips for your school age child.

Continue reading "School Age Children - Decorating Rooms To Please"

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