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Jewel Tones

Burgundy - Green - Blue

Jewel tones are rich colors that can easily make a statement in any room. When I think of these tones, burgundy, blue, and green come to mind.

I remember decorating a commercial office for a gentleman that had his office in an airplane hanger.

Creating a masculine look, yet having enough soft tones to make it relaxing and comfortable.

Deep colors are rich in nature and will work in different themes as well.

Plaids and stripes are very popular using these three colors.

Decorating a boy's or college room can also look awesome using burgundy, blue and green.

Take a neutral color and blend it in with these jewel tones will soften a room.

There are a variety of options when using these colors as far as doing a bedroom, office, or other living area. Let's go ahead and take a couple of examples of bringing these rich tones to life.

We'll start off with doing a bedroom in jewel tones.

The first question is of course the foundation color.

Do you want the walls in one of these shades, or maybe a neutral color wall.

You can use use the burgundy, blue, and green with your accents and accessories.

When I design a room, I will look at that natural lighting in the room. Can the walls be a deep rich color such as burgundy, or would it look better in a little lighter tone of blue, green or a neutral color? Below are some ideas for you to think about using these different colors.

Painting The Walls In Burgundy For A Bedroom
  1. Burgundy walls may need a couple of coats after the primer is put on.

  2. Think about carpet done in a neutral tone to soften the walls.

  3. A bedspread or comforter can be done in a plaid or stripe using burgundy, blue and green.

  4. Curtains can be in a neutral tone or possible theme base.

  5. Accents of a lighter wood will work well in a darker room.

  6. Accessories using all four tones will work. If you use shelves, make them in the tan or neutral base family. A stark white changes the whole look and feel. Keep the warm feeling going with the off white or tan base.

  7. An ideas is an accent lighting done in an off white or light blue ceiling fan. Smaller lights can be positioned around the room using the three jewel tones.

  8. Picture frames done in tones of blue and green will work nice.
New Decorating Book (Better Homes & Gardens Decorating) is a wonderful new decorating book. Color and blending in your accents and accessories. New ideas for you.

One thing I try to do when using the jewel tones, is not to over power the room with the darker shades. You will want to create an airy feel to the room.

You can also bring in lighter matching shades of the neutrals, greens and blues.

These four colors do great in with a sports theme, or jewel tones at a camp in the mountains or woods.

Decorating An Office - A Neutral Color Wall
  1. Paint the walls in a neutral color. This makes the room inviting, especially if working all day.

  2. One or two chair done in a stripe or even a solid leather will accent the office, and a great ten minute break.

  3. Pictures can make an office area, and to me, personalize your office with family or hobby pictures. This creates a positive atmosphere. I love putting motivational sayings in the space where I work.

  4. A nice berber carpet mingling in the different jewel tones will blend all the colors together.

  5. Furniture for an office can be done in a rich tone of oak, elm, and even cedar. You can use a light or even a darker wood, as your walls are in the neutral color.

  6. A few small plants creates a wonderful look, and accent the plants with the containers blending in with the walls and accents.

These are just two examples when using the four color combinations. One of the most important thing to remember in any interior decorating project, blend your colors to compliment each other, but also provide a room with a good balance of tones and shades.

There are many different ideas for working with these colors. Take a look at some other combinations to enhance the beauty of your living space.

The jewel tones provide a wonderful combination of colors that will create a rich room for you to enjoy for years to come.


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