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Lighting Can Set The Mood And Tone Of A Room

Lighting is a big part of creating the mood in any room. There is such a wide variety of choices available today for for indoor use in any living space.

This page will give you some simple ideas and tips on how to incorporate different styles to give your room or rooms the right flavor for you and your family to enjoy.

These are considered and accent and should be planned out when deciding on walls, ceiling and furniture. In any room you will want to balance out the brightness throughout the room. First take into account the amount of natural sunlight that is available in the area, and what time of day it is at its peak.

Look at a hard wood floor in the middle of the afternoon.

There is a picture window in the room, and half of the room is lighter than the other half.

This can also happen in the evening and night time hours. I like to look at this accent in three different stages.

  1. Late afternoon or early evening
  2. Peak evening hours
  3. Relax and down time
Depending on your geographic location and the time of the year will determine when your lights will come into play everyday. When balancing your entire interior decor, think about different times in the evening.

Each room should have some form of lighting to set the tone for the evening. Of course this will depend on your own situation with schedules, and family members.

I recommend if possible to have softer tonesearly in the evening, and brighter during prime time. Children doing homework, working on the computer, reading the newspaper, etc... A great end to a day is creating an atmosphere of soft lighting which can result in some downtime and relaxation.

Different soft accent lamps can accomplish this. This is also true in the morning hours. Don't get your day started by turning on a bright lamp. Start off with softer tones to allow everyone to wake up on the right side of the bed!

The next step is to find the focal point of your room. If you are decorating a bedroom, living room, kitchen, you will want to have the brightest amount of light on the area where you will use the room the most. I love using different accent lamps and lights throughout a house, apartment, condo, beach cottage, or camp.

Blending in accent lamps doesn't have to be expensive and mind boggling.

Take a look at some different styles of lamps that can be used to put around a specific room. If you are in a room where reading is done, I like the idea of a three way bulb.

The brightest cycle can be put on when you are reading, or working, and a dim accent creates a relaxing mood to unwind. Another idea is inexpensive night accent throughout your living space. They don't have to be bright, just enough to see if need be, and also a tone setting throughout the night.

The two pictures above are a formal and an informal used a lot in dining rooms. Many of these have different settings to them.

If your dining room is used for work or homework in the evenings, the brighter setting will work great. Create a relaxing mood at dinner with a softer setting.

Pumpkin Lights
Small strands are great as an accent in a room. Bring out the time of year with a strand or two of pumpkin accessory. This strand is put up along a fireplace and creates a great atmosphere around Halloween and also evening hours.

An indoor fountain can be easily transformed into not only a theme base, but also a mood setter. This fountain has four different color accents, and can be used to create a different feel at a variety of times of the year.

The water is soothing and the great aspect is the fountain can also be used outdoors as accent lighting in your landscape, gardens, patio, porch, or deck. You have the option of having it indoors year around, or use it seasonably as weather permits. A great accent to your inside and out!

Light By Phone
By the phone is wonderful for the evening hours. You can also save on that electricity bill by using a smaller size bulb in the evenings. You won't be flipping it on and off every time the phone rings or you are making a call.

If you don't have your phone programmed with numbers, have a few important numbers right by the phone, and with the accent, you will have everything you need.

This accessory can create such a wonderful atmosphere in any living space. Your main goal is to plan out where you want to incorporate these accessories. Think about differnt accents that will go with this accessory throughout the room. It doesn't have to expensive and can be fun to do. You create your own personality with not only color and maybe a theme, but the tones of different settings will allow you to have your own space a haven to live in.

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