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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Master bedroom decorating ideas are about you taking your personality and creating the look and feel you can enjoy. This room is sometimes thought of as the main sleeping area.

It doesn't matter whether the size is large or small. You can create a room full of warmth by building the room around your foundation, the walls and ceiling.

With so much going on in our lives today, this room should be a place that is unlike any other room in your living space.

I wanted to give you some ideas for creating a wonderful and soothing look in your master room whether you are single, have a spouse or partner. If you share your room with someone else, the colors, accents, and accessories should blend in with both of your personalities.

Eloquent orange tone master bedroom

In the master bedroom one of the focal points is the bed. Here are three different pictures with totally unique look and feel. Each photo shows the owners personality with color and texture in the room.

The first picture shares a sheik blend of soft blue-gray tone walls with a eloquent burnt orange comforter. I love the three different pillows. One a matching solid color, two tone orange, and a floral with a touch of brown in it. The brown in the one pillow is a great lead in for accents in wood furniture.

The second photo creates a down home and possibly rustic look and feel. A very basic bedroom design with the focal point in this room the walls, ceiling, and floors. The white comforter and accent rug sets the tone of simplicity and nature. I can picture this style of design in a country home, mountain lodge, or a lake house.

The third picture gives you another possible option for your master bedroom. The soft neutral tones of the walls and bedspread creates an atmosphere to be invited into after a long day.

Home Alone Dog
Master Bedroom
Art Print

Cadetblue Black
Floral Throw
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I love these three items to enhance the beauty of a bedroom. Each represents a unique value to adding a defined color scheme and character to a room. These three items I would recommend to you as a designer!

The balance of this room is depicted by the flowing green plant next to the window. The two Burgundy pillows brings in a little bold in the color scheme. Everything flows smoothly in this master bedroom. Great look and one that can be easily accomplished.

I feel in love with the Lakeside Collection and all their products. Great prices, wonderful accessories for not only your interior decorating, but also for your gardens and landscape. A wonderful way to shop online.

Romantic Caribbean Ocean
Ah, the Caribbean ocean to Tom and I creates an atmosphere of total rest and relaxation. Our bedroom is painted in the Caribbean colors of blue-teal. This color is bright but soothing and also one that each of us can relate to and relax in. Your room of rest should be just that.

Now in all honesty, my husband isn't the decorator in the house. I don't think he really cares what color the walls are. (unless he has to help repaint them) Being married over 30 years I have painted rooms about every color you can think of. I have helped others pick out room colors and I like to think of bedroom colors as a mood setter. Here are a few thoughts for you.

Balance in any room gives you the total picture of interior decorating.

Pick a color that invites you into a room of relaxation and, "get away mode."

Create a possible theme whether you are living by yourself, roommates, or spouse.

Make the room the central location for the least noise in your living space.

Don't overpower with clutter and excess furniture.

Question for you, how many of you have a television in your bedroom? Hum, I think many of us do, including Tom and I. For some of us T.V. is a way to relax and unwind. I do think it can become a dominant factor in interfering our downtime.

An option for a T.V. is music. After a hard day's work or running the kids in hundred different directions, create a look in your bedroom that will allow you to sooth your senses and relax. This can be done by incorporating your favorite color, a possible theme, and a good balance to the room.

Not only can you think about balance, color, and theme, but also pick out some accessories for your bedroom that will make you feel good. Bedspreads or comforters that blend in with the foundation color. You don't have to go with the most expensive brand. Make this room a very special room.

Think of window treatments when planning master bedroom decorating ideas, and what would suit you best for relaxing. Some people that work third shift like the idea of a blind that will shut out daylight so they can sleep.

Others want the soft and sheer look and possibly to enjoy the view of the outdoors. Accent rugs can compliment window treatments and balance the room with color and texture.

Whatever you taste or situation my be, take the time to plan out what would benefit you alone, or you and your partner. Candles and figurines are another great accessory.

Furniture also plays an important role in balancing the room. For Tom and my bedroom, we have a Maple set of two dressers. This Maple furniture is his from high school. Thats right, we have kept his furniture for a long time.

We also have an old dresser that my dad sanded and repaired years ago. The dresser was my grandmothers and is well over 100 years old. It has a lighter tone then the Maple furniture, but I created the room with matching tones and shades to have the furniture blend in the entire color scheme. Three pieces of furniture, great sentimental value, and money wise, free as the only thing that costs us with this furniture is the cleaning material to dust them with.

Another thing to stay away from is laptop or computer in this room. Whether you use your laptop or computer for work or enjoyment, keep these separate from your quiet area.

If space is limited, discipline yourself to get away from and give yourself the enjoyment of your own decorating charm. Compromise with sharing a room and if the room is small, don't cram furniture into the room. Give yourself space to move around.

Warm green tone master bedroom

If you have an adjoining bathroom, consider the option of blending all bedroom color tones with complimentary colors. These two pictures above shows you a great look of the blending in of the room and bathroom. Color tones throughout both rooms create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Remember the color wheel when thinking about master bedroom decorating ideas. Create and balance through warm and cool colors. Setting the atmosphere in any room creates an enjoyable living area for you living alone, or with your family. Don't go nuts over magazine pictures that are way out of your budget. I learned that a long time ago.

Of course themes play a major role when you think of master bedroom decorating ideas. There are so many different possibilities. I love this whimsical look.

The simplicity of the white walls and comforter surrounded by the colorful pillows and lamps. Butterflies and flowers on the accents is another invite into a room full of relaxation and warmth. Master bedroom decorating ideas is all about you and enjoying. Feel free to check out other ideas in the rooms section.

Using items already in you have around, or getting creative with less expensive items, will work. Use pictures to get some ideas, but take a little creativity and create a bedroom that invites you in any time of the day. These are just a couple of suggestions on how to make your quiet area relaxing and enjoyable. Keep it simple, explore your creativity, and make your master bedroom a place you can walk into and call your own.


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