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Matching Wood Tones To Decorate

Matching wood tones to decorate can create a great overall look to a room. The photo above is of Mahogany. This is a darker and rich tone wood that can create an eloquent look to a room.

One idea when picking out tones to go with Mahogany, think about jewel tones. Burgundy, hunter green, deep tone blues, and the brown family with a tint of red. The jewel tones are great for a man's study or a singles condo or apartment.

The different grain in Mahogany can steer you in the right colors that will match well with the wood. Neutrals will blend in well with Mahogany also.

There is no rule of thumb when accenting with woods. Your goal is to create a room that will balance out in wall and ceiling color, furniture, floors, and all your accessories.

Take a look around the room you are sitting in now. I am sure there is a good possibility that there may be some type of wooden accent around.

Look at the tones of the walls, floors and furniture. Do they blend well together?

Wood, whether it is a hard wood or a soft wood, has different color tones as well as a variety of grains.

This page will give you some ideas of color tones that would blend well with pine, oak, maple, and mahogany.

Most furniture, flooring, and doors have some type of finish on them. The reason is to protect the wood from sunlight, knicks, and scratches.

Many of your wood products have either clear or satin finish. The satin finish gives each piece of wood a shiny finish, and the clear results in a more natural look.

When matching out wood accents for decorating, think about the look you want to achieve in the room or rooms.


Pine is a soft wood and has a different look from harder woods. I like to think of pine in a country setting, or a natural environment. A cabin in the woods or a camp is a great place to decorate with pine floors, furniture, and wainscoting.

There are more rustic and simple accessories in the camp decor section for you.

Notice the knots in the pine. The knots can give you some options in drawing in a few darker color tones. Pine will scratch easier than other types of wood, so I recommend a few coats of a stain.

Leave pine in its natural color and put a clear stain will give you a warm look. Pastels represent warm colors, and a good option for you. Of course you can go with bold tones in this nature setting to create a statement and also share your own personality with family and friends.

Pine floors can also create a rustic look and bring you back in simplicity and time.

Oak is one of the most popular woods in interior decorating. There are different varieties of oak available today. Oak is very popular in hard wood flooring. Oak is also one of the biggest furniture woods made

. One of the appealing things about oak is the different patterns throughout a piece of furniture or flooring. Also consider your interior trim ideas when matching wood tones. This page will give you ideas on blending in colors with wood. . Both of the photos above are of oak. One is a light finish and the other a darker finish.

The lighter finish creates a soft look, and the darker finish creates a more formal flooring. The bottom photo is of a oak chair rail. Wooden chair rails also can create a formal look in a living room, hallway, or bedroom. This is also a great with of matching wood tones with each other.

When decorating with wood accents think about your overall inside environment. Do you want to create a formal and eloquent look or an informal decor? Picking out wood flooring, furniture, doors and other wood materials should also be coordinated with the color tones you paint, panel, or wallpaper your room.

Maple is a hard work with many different shades in the wood. A decorating trend that has been popular over the last few years is maple cubboards in the kitchen. The rich tone of this wood creates a touch of formality, yet letting you create your own personality with different themes.. Maple furniture has been around for years, and taking an older piece of maple furniture and matching either cool or warm tones. Maple will also work great by adding different neutral tones.

There are many other styles of wood such as elm, walnut and bamboo. Decorating and matching wood tones in a room doesn't have to be challenging.

Another great accessory is picture frames and photos that blend into the color scheme of the room. TK Creations - Nature Store has a wonderful section with original prints and frames for you. Great idea to add as an accessory.

Look at the color of the wood, the finish, the different tones in the gain.

Match it up with colors that will balance and blend in well with your theme and other items of your decor. Wood is a great way to create a bold or soft look to any room in your living area.

Your main goal is to make sure the rooms balance from the ceiling, walls, and floors. Your accents and accessories also play a big role in create the interior space for you and your family to enjoy.

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