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Mexican Decorating

Mexican Decorating is so much fun to create. There are different options for you with this theme. Bright colors and textures, along with mosaic tiles. This theme does resemble Spanish styles in decorating.

This green chili pepper decoration is a neat accessory with this theme. Notice the walls in the background. The family room is done in a neutral sponge painting.

The room is decorated in different accessories that represent the Caribbean and Mexican decorating themes.

Tom and I first went to Mexico in 2002. From the minute I saw the lush landscape and walked into the interior of our resort, I fell in love with Mexican decor.

Many of their colors and prints tells a story of the culture and heritage of this country.

When you picture this style decor, what comes to mind? Pottery, Mayan artifacts, and open living spaces come to mind. Below are some basic decorating ideas in the Mexican theme.

The vibrant green walls set the tone of this room.

Bright greens, blues, reds, and orange make up a large role in this themes decor. You can use any of these colors to paint your foundation walls.

The picture of the right shows a very typical interior. The simplicity is one that can be done in any room.

Many of these interiors have a big room that serves many purposes. Kitchen opened to living area.

Pottery is extremely popular in Mexico. You can use the creative designs in both your interior and outside. Vases can make a stunning statement on an end table, coffee table, or countertop.

Ah, the maracas. The colors themselves show off the festive tones used throughout this theme. The maracas are great accessories to include in this decor.

If you have any maracas, arrange them in sets of three or five. Think about putting them on top of a piano. A colorful decorative festive basket will also compliment the room with the maracas placed inside.

Let's talk a little bit about how to go about doing a Mexican decorating room. Like any other interior project plan out your color scheme. Pick out a delightful cheery color or stay in a neutral look.

Think about the accents such as furniture that you may already have.

Colorful fabrics and dishes can also create a Mexican look. Of course tile is big in this country, but think of stone, textured walls, wrought iron furniture, some wicker, lots of foliage to soften the deeper tones.

Build your room around the colors of this theme. If you have been to the Tropics, you know Mexican decorating colors are popular. You can display your photos around the room. Mosaic ceramic plates and tiles can be displayed also on a wall.

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Feel free to check out other themes.

Take what you enjoy,
and decorate your interior
for enjoyment and relaxation.

There are so many different colors and accessories to do the Mexican decorating theme. One of the unique aspects of this theme, you can you can have an inside out room.

This is an open room that can be coordinated both from your interior going out into a patio with gardens surrounding it. Although this may not be feasible in your geographic location, become creative in connecting your outside with your indoor living space.


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