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Neutral Tones Create A Warm And Soothing Look

Neutral colors can create an atmosphere of warmth and freshness. Natural colors consists of creams, tans, and taupe shades. These light tones are popular in any living space today. Interior decorating today is about taking a foundation or base color and igniting it throughout a room.

One goal when decorating any room, is to know the colors in the foundation paint. Paint companies today have the ability to create just about any color tone imaginable. Companies start out with a simple color pigmentation and add droplets of different colors to create the samples you see in the stores.

When you decide on your foundation or paint, find out what other colors are mixed with the base paint. If you do this, you can take these other colors and create your secondary shades for your accents and accessories. You will be able to keep the entire room in all the shades of your base color. This is a great way to balance the entire room.

Let's talk a little bit about using different natural tones in decorating a room. White creates a crisp and clean look.

To soften up a stark white, a little yellow is added to the paint. This creates a cream color and enhances a feeling of coziness and warmth. Different cream shades can be used to soften the walls, woodwork, or ceiling.

There are many off white colors and they are made from adding a splash of the primary colors or different shades of the primary colors.

Taupe colors are made up of adding different shades of brown, green or gray. Different shades of green create a warmer look as gray tends to be a cooler color. This is why it is important to know the colors that are added to your base paint. Different shades of brown make up the tan family. The tan family is one of the most popular colors used in all aspects of decorating.

Perfect Neutrals: Color you can Live with is an excellent book to get some super ideas for any room. Great reviews and a book worth buying. Plan now for your next interior project!

Using different neutral colors in paint alone can change the entire picture of your room. The first question if you want to incorporate natural shades throughout a room, do you want a warm or cool feel to the room?

When decorating and using natural tones, I will actually gather a series of three different selections of colors that may be of interest.

I will take samples of cream, tan, and taupe tones. Tape the samples up on the walls for a couple of days. Yes, they are small, but allow yourself the time to walk in and out of the room or rooms, and begin thinking about how you want to use these tones.

neutral bathroom
Both of these photos are a great example of using light color tones to give the rooms a warm and soft look.

Consider using one or more of these colors. Any accents or accessories already in that room may play a role in what color you use.

Lets say you have dark wood for accents, consider warming up the room with a lighter tan, gray tone or even a taupe shade.

A little trick with accents when you paint or wallpaper in neutral tones, is to look at the grain of the wood. Does the wood have light tones in it that could be matched to a neutral paint color? This is a great way to blend in your foundation color with your accents.

If you have light pine furniture, take a look at the knots you will see in the wood. Blend a little lighter tone from the knots for your walls, trim or ceiling. Many designers will use accents or accessories to decorate rooms through a living space.

When working with samples of different colors, if you decide on the lightest shade or the first color for your wall, I would recommend not to use the second color for the trim or ceiling. There isn't enough contrast in the shades.

Use the third or fourth color of the sample. This is also true if you want the third or fourth color for your wall. Consider the lightest color or a darker tone for you trim.

If you look at the color scheme of this site you will see I used all natural tones. A darker brown, lighter brown, taupe, and cream. This allows me to bring in other colors in the graphics you will see.

These light tones can be done the same way with your walls. Natural tones give you the ability to use an array of different color tones for furniture, pictures, rugs and other accents around the room. Don't be afraid to use a natural color of tan in one room, and a yellow or brighter color in an adjacent room.

Neutral tones are just that, you can use a variety of other colors in the room as well as others surrounding rooms. Cream, tan, and taupe tones in your foundation color allows you to have more flexibility when bringing in your second or third colors for a room. I will be doing a page on different styles of painting. Using a natural base tone is a great way to sponge, rag, or even paint stripes in the room.

This photo has a base foundation paint of a taupe tone. If you look closely you can actually see some green tones in the taupe color. The sponge is done in a cream shade and creates a soft look using two natural colors.

Neutral colors can add so much to the foundation of your room. These tones also create wonderful accents and to other colors.

Remember, your area you live in is the place you relax and enjoy.

Think about what colors make you happy and if they are the natural tones, take your time in choosing the one, two, or three colors that would best suit your personality.

If you have questions about deciding on using neutral colors, feel free to contact me at the indoor contact page. I would be happy to give you some ideas for your decorating needs.

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