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Nursery An Old Time Look

The nursery is such a special place in a home. Decorating a baby's room in an old time theme is one of my favorite rooms to create a look from the past.

I am so sentimental on old time family treasures. I know many of you are also. Even if you don't have family collectables, you still can create a look from the past.

On the page baby or infant room, a look for the future, I talk about the basic and simple color trends of creating a wonderful soft and gentle baby's room.

When choosing that base color for the nursery, an option also is to create a warm look with old time treasures. I wanted to share with you a couple of pictures of the bedspread that was used on my crib many many moons ago.

This particular crib spread or bedspread has soft and warm color tones. Take the colors from the spread and create your room around them.

There are a couple of options for you in your color scheme.

You can consider painting the walls in the light green base color of the spread. The first picture actually shows the true colors of the spread.

Another option is to paint the base color from the secondary colors of the soft pink or yellow, or even the blue from the eye of the lamb.

If you want to go into a white base color, have the store add one of two drops of yellow, soft pink, or green into the white base color.

This will soften the stark white foundation color. There are many different ideas you could do with this type of bedspread. Notice the two stuffed animals on the crib spread. The white lamb is from my grandmother. She passed away in the seventies at age 94. She gave this to me when I was born. We won't go into what year that was.

The brown dog was given to me at birth by her sister, who lived to be 96. Take stuffed animals from the past and display them as a focal point in the room on a shelf.

The shelf creates a wonderful accent to the nostalgia look. Curtains can be done in a soft print and possibly a few old time animals, a solid secondary color or even soft wooden blinds or shutters. Here are a couple of ideas when thinking about the floors that would match these color tones.

I love this old crib. Of course now a days we like our little one to have comfort. The old crib is a great accessory to put in a corner.

You can play off the wood tone with neutral colors, curtains, stuffed animals, and other wooden accessories.

  1. Soft green, or brown tone carpet

  2. Light tone hard wood, as this will keep the room in that gentle theme. Pine was used often in older times as well as now, and pine would create a true nostalgia look.

  3. A neutral tone carpet would work well in this room also.

  4. Accent Rugs with some lambs or other animals, as well as using the soft pink, yellow, or blue colors.
These two photos are great ideas for creating the nostalgia look in your baby's room.

The first picture is a classic of the white sheets and crib. The room's tone is set with the old time wallpaper over all the walls.

The old chair painted in the yellow-gold tone is a wonderful accent you can use in the room. A little imagination goes a long way.

One idea for this type of nursery, if you don't want to actually use the old spread on the babies crib, hang the bedspread up on a wall. The wall becomes the focal point in the nursery. This is a great way to highlight the treasured spread. Here is another idea for your nursery using the old time favorites, Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy.

Close Up Of Raggedy Ann And Andy
This is another one of my favorite ideas for an old time nursery. These two dolls have been around for a long time.

They have highlighted many rooms for children in the past. You can still use soft and light colors for your primary tone on your walls.

If you want, go ahead and bring some darker shades into the room, but remember, don't over power a babies room in bold tones.

A baby's room is very special, especially in the development of your child's first couple of years. Bright tones are fine, but this is a place to sleep and also visually explore.

The Raggedy Ann and Andy theme can take off with matching curtains, a border, and a crib spread. Notice the little rocking chair the dolls are sitting on. We have had this around for years. You can use any type of stuffed animals or dolls to create a wonderful old time theme in your nursery. Lets look a little closer at the two dolls. Looking at their faces, you can see the old time look.

The Inside Out Decorating Store has a section on baby decor. Check it out as well as all the rest of the products in this interior decorating store for you.

Here are a few more ideas to decorate a nursery using a little different old time feel. Consider doing the wall in the light tone of their face and arms. Take the traditional checks from Raggedy Andy's shirt and the classic stipes of both their legs, and use this in fabrics or accents. Keep the room light and airy.

An old looking bookshelf with old time books adds to the flavor of this nostalgia look. Use the dolls as a focal point and take a color off the dress of Raggedy Ann to paint the walls.

If you love that old time look and are considering it for your babies nursery, go ahead and use the things you may already have around your house or living area.

If you don't have any collectables and still want to use this type of decor, there are many antique places and other speciality shops that could give you some wonderful ideas to create your own old time nursery.

I hope sharing a couple of nostalgia ideas for this type of room helps you get starting in planning for your baby.

You can do this type of theme even if you aren't expecting a baby. This is a great way to create your own personality with the old time treasures you love. By the way, if you are expecting, Congratulations!

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