Outdoor And Matching Indoor Colors Create A Great Look
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Outdoor And Matching Indoor Colors Create A Great Look

Gerber Daisy Mixture
Outdoor and indoor colors can blend and match together. Decorating using tones and shades that match your inside and outside creates a wonderful and unique look for your entire living space. To me, this style of all around decorating really brings out your very own taste and personality.

Lets start from the beginning in interior decorating. You pick out colors you like. You also pick out different texture accents and accessories. When you have a landscape area or garden outside, you also choose colors you enjoy.

A neat idea is to incorporate the colors in both surroundings. Obviously green is a dominant color outside. If green is not one of your favorite colors, you can add just a little bit a particular shade of green as a secondary or complimentary color inside. I wanted to share with you some ideas using different colors from your outdoors and bringing the tones inside.

This illustration sets the tone for a bed in a landscape or garden. This landscape bed is full of bright colors with the green foliage being the foundation color. Here is the names of each plant specimen.

  • The plants on either side of the bottom are evergreen Robin Holly.

  • The center bottom plant is a warm climate Fatsia.

  • The group of plants above the Fatsia are evergreen Azaleas.

  • The plants are either side of the Azaleas are evergreen Hinoki Cypress.

  • The group of flowers on the upper left are perennial Gerber Daisies.

  • The group of flowers on the upper right are Coneflowers.

As you can see there is a blend of outdoor colors that engulf this garden bed. Now, what can we do to bring these delightful colors into an interior. Lets look at a photo of a collectable crab, which has some of these color tones in it.

A collectable like this crab or something that has the outside colors would work great in blending in with your interior rooms. With the colors that are out in the garden bed, you have choices of your walls, floors, and other accents. Decide on a base foundation color.

As I mention earlier on this page, if green isn't your color, think about the possibility of a melon or salmon colored wall. If you are looking for more of a soft look in your interior, use a neutral color that would blend in with your outdoor tones. Consider an off white and create the outside colors through our furniture and accessories. Here is some different color ideas when matching wood tones with your walls.

If you want to bring out a brighter color in your walls and trim, think about the salmon or even a cayenne pepper color. Paint your trim or woodwork in a white or off white. Blend in the greens and soft yellow in your curtains, pillows, and other accessories. You can also decorate your room or rooms using your outdoor colors in a theme. Below are three different color tones that would work well with the matching the outdoor colors of a garden or landscape.

When decorating to match colors both inside and out, go ahead and get creative with different plants and also don't be afraid to paint a room a bright tone. Creating matching tones in the inside and out is also a wonderful idea for a hotel, resort, business, or other commercial building.

Take your favorite colors and create a look you can be proud of and that will show off your own personality and taste. If you are looking for outdoor ideas for you landscape or gardens for the upcoming spring or fall, feel free to browse through the site map of my other Web site landscape-solutions-for-you. You may find the colors you have been looking for!

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