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Outside Christmas Decorating Ideas

Outside Christmas decorating can be a lot of fun in any geographical location. There are so many different ways you can decorate your outdoors to enhance the holiday season. Of course there are different holidays celebrated during this season, such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. The ideas on this page focus on Christmas, but there are also many ways to decorate your outdoor during your special holiday.

I remember growing up in upstate New York, Christmas was such a special time a year. The excitement began to build as my dad brought out the holiday decorations from the attic. We know the massive amount of work he put into making our home a festive haven during this special time of year. Garland, bows on the ceiling, winter scenes throughout the house, and also the smell of my mom's baking treasures.

The outside of our house like many of the neighbors was decked out with green and red lights, and a spot light on the front door.

The neighborhood was full of front doors decorated in wrapping paper, Santa, and other holiday ideas. The air was crisp and snow falling daily.

Besides all the holiday festivities, the most important aspect was family. My three older sisters and I knew we would get to see a lot of family and friends we didn't see often.

On Christmas eve day we would climb into the car and head on snow covered roads to the Adirondack mountains.

Talk about an adventure, as there weren't any highways.

All two lane roads. The Adirondacks received more snow then where we lived.

The highlight of Christmas eve after church, was taking my grandma in the car to see all the outside Christmas decorations in different villages. She loved looking at the lights.

Today, many people decorate during the holidays with their own personality. Some may say the holidays have gotten way too commercial.

I think it is up to each individual and their budget when decorating. Below are some different pictures of houses that are decorated outside.

The first two photos are options for outside Christmas decorating. The first house has an overall scheme laid out so there are different focal points. The yard and the house.

The second picture shares a full holiday theme with lights. The wreath becomes the focal point with multiple lights of red, green, and white accenting the wreath. Wow, talk about lighting up your property!

I love the tropics and holiday decorating can easily be done in warm climates. Palm trees and other plants in the tropics are great for outside Christmas decorating ideas.

What a view with holiday lights in the foreground and the ocean as an accent. Of course you can also decorate a beach house or tropical home with colors that reflect beach and Caribbean themes.

I enjoy doing something like this in our beach and Caribbean focused family room. I will use orange, yellow, teal, orange, and other tropical colors with lights, and other accessories.

Another thought is hanging stockings on a palm tree. A neat idea. Flamingos and other tropical outdoor decorations can be decorated with bows and lights. Having been to Florida and a few Caribbean destinations, there are many commercial and residential settings that have decorative lights year around.

You can continue this atmosphere right through the holiday season. Beside the lights, add a few of your favorite holiday items next to a palm tree, or a building. Another thought is to match your tropical outside lighting to your indoor decor.

Any faith can celebrate the holidays with decorating outside. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. share your special decorations with family, friends, and neighbors.

Incorporating what your beliefs into outside holiday decorating allows you to share you hertiage and faith with others.

I like the idea of people learning about different faiths, as well as seeing how others decorate both inside and outside during the holidays.

The picture above and below show you a different look and feel of decorating. Each house has a unique outside decorating. The first house is in the night time, and the joy sign stands out as a focal point.

The white lights accenting the sign creates a warm and yet crisp look. One main color lights and this house keeps the mood in a simple tone.

This photo shares the owners personality with snowmen and white miniature lights on the house.

The decorations continue in the yard with bringing in the traditional red and green lights. Great way of decorating using your own style. You can also think about using your front of the home as a focal point, or some feature in your yard, such as a tree or outdoor feature.

The next two photos gives you a total different look. I love this shot of cactus decorated in a desert setting. The white miniature lights really set the tone of the climate in the desert. What a great idea to take plant specimens in your area and create a wonderful holiday atmosphere.

How many times have you driven by a house and wanted to peak in as you saw the holiday tree all decorated.

The second picture shows you a close up of a Christmas tree that one would see from looking outside in. We have vaulted ceilings in our home, and have had tall Christmas trees. I love once we get the tree all decorated to walk out in the front yard and see how the tree looks from the outside looking in.

Outdoor features are a great option for you to decorated. Gazebos can be decorated with any type of holiday decoration. The Star Of David shown in the first picture creates the mood of Hanukkah.

If there are shrubs planted around the gazebo, add some colored or white miniature lights around the shrubs. Whether you do one or three shrubs, or all shrubs, step back and see it the lights balance out with the rest of your outside decorating.

The entrance way to a subdivision, condos, or apartments can be decorated with style. Think about it. When you or someone else drives or walks into your entrance way, this is the first thing they can see.

Working together and creating a festive atmosphere to greet family and friends adds to the joy of the holidays. If you haven't different faiths in your neighborhood, make special places to show the diversity in your neighborhood.

The house with columns is great for decorating. This owner took a color theme of red and gold, and wrapped red outdoor ribbon around the columns. Gold garland was wrapped around and done in a manner that you can see both of these colors. You can't really see the shrubs, but the green color shrubs acts as a great accent with the gold and red.

Go ahead and check out other holiday decorating ideas. Plan now for a relaxing and rewarding special time of the year. Another option is greenery wrapped around the columns with red bows. Either one can give you the look and feel of an old time Christmas.

Whatever style of home, apartment, beach house, condo, or a trailer, take your own personality and create holiday decorations that you can share with others, and also enjoy throughout the season.


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