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Painting A Room From A Picture

Painting a room from a picture is one way you can decorate a room.

This may sound a little strange, but the pictures that are in your living space, or the one you see in a store that you want to buy, will reflect colors you enjoy.

Why not take the colors from a picture and paint a room using the tones from the different colors? This is also a fun and creative way to decorate a room.

I wanted to share a few simple ideas taking a picture and sharing some different colors and tones you could use to paint a room. Let's go ahead and not only create a room from a picture, but have some fun!

Above is a picture of some red-orange tone apples, green tone leaves, in a blue tone container. There are also three photos of different color tones you can think about to use in painting walls, ceiling, and trim or woodwork.

There are a few different ways you can go about in planning this room using the picture. Your decision on the base color will also be around other colors in nearby rooms, furniture and floors.

If you want a bold statement to our room and the floor and other rooms will compliment that bold color, think about painting the room in the red-orange, green, or blue color.

This is the time when planning your color scheme, to think about the balancing out the room.

If you decide on the darker shades, soften up the room with lighter tone window treatments, accents, and accessories.

An example is to paint the room a green tone.

Paint the room with the lighter shade green in the leaves, and the trim could be done in the darker shade of green.

Think about painting the ceiling in a neutral color that is in the picture. I would recommend staying away from stark white. Keep the ceiling in a neutral off white, will create a warm feeling to the entire room.

The first step is to get samples of each of the darker colors and decide which shade you want as the base color.

Play around with the colors and use your imagination and creativity. Once you have decided on the walls, trim, and ceiling, work on complimenting the base colors with the accents and accessories.

The picture should be positioned on a wall as a focal point. Work around the picture in creating secondary and other colors to enhance the focal point. An example would be to put a picture in a kitchen.

Think about countertops, cupboards or cabinets. Darker colored rooms can look nice with lighter tone countertops and cupboards. An option is to paint cupboards in a soft blue or neutral, or have wood, such as a light oak or maple

The countertops can be a multi soft mixture, or add a little softer tone of the blue, green, or even the red-orange tone. Remember, one of the most important aspects of decorating a room, is balance.

This is one of my favorite pictures to work off when you use a photo to decorate the entire color scheme. Check out more details to see if this photo would work for you.

Balancing colors, lighting and furniture creates an overall dynamite look. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher would blend in well if done in neutral light colors. Keep the neutral theme going as an accent color.

Fabrics can be done in a solid tone or mix and match the colors from the picture. Soft stripes on the window treatments, and apple fabric in chairs will look wonderful with the darker shade walls.

Use your accessories to enhance the focal point picture. Some matching tone dishes, other photos and towels will all come into making this room complete.

The other option with this picture is to use neutral colors on your walls, and play off the darker tones in your accents and accessories. Again you could use lighter or darker neutral tones for the walls and the ceiling and trim be done in either the lighter or darker tone. Lets review some simple steps to take.
  1. Get samples of possible colors and take the picture with you.

  2. If going with a darker shade, use lighter colors in your accents and accessories.

  3. Compliment the focal point picture with matching tones from the picture.

  4. Always keep in mind to balance your entire room through color, accents such as lighting, and accessories.

  5. Be aware of colors and textures in nearby rooms.

  6. Kitchen appliances compliment the bolder colors in an off white, neutral colors.

Remember, anything in decorating goes today, as long as the room is balanced out. This is just a simple idea for taking one picture and creating an entire room based on the colors in the picture. Any picture can become a fantastic focal point and the room can be decorated around that one picture.

Whatever color you are considering, think about the photos your have around your living space. Use these colors to make the room come alive. If you are looking for some great pictures to decorate a room, feel free to browse through our store, TK Creations in my other Web site, landscape-solutions-for-you. There are beautiful scenes in nature as well as different plant specimens. One of these products may be perfect for you to decorate a room. If you have any questions on taking a picture and creating an entire room around that picture, please go ahead and we'll talk decorating.

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