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Pastel Colors Are Great In Decorating Rooms

Pastel colors can create a soft and relaxing mood in a variety of indoor rooms. The soft tone of a couple of colors of blue, yellow, and green can add a new dimension to your living space.

Let's think about some different possibilities using soft and lighter shades in a room. One of the most popular girls themes awhile back and still today is the Lilac theme. A great way to find the right color is to use your accessories as a guideline. . wallpaper is another option for you to consider.

A Lilac floral print for your wallpaper and accessorize with a solid or two tone bedspread or furniture. The accessories can be stunning with different tones in each flower and the complimentary color of green from the leaves created a great overall look.

Lilac flowers represent soft shades of purple and some pink tones. The Lilac floral print can be found in comforters, bedspreads, sheets and other accessories. If you decide on the Lilac shades, there are a couple of options. Your walls can be painted in a solid soft purple tone or even two contrasting shades of purple done in stipe painting.

Common Purple Lilac

The walls with this type of theme can make not only a girls room inviting, but a den or parlor a enchanting place to relax. Your flooring can be done in a matching green carpet or incorporate a neutral tone. If you do hard woods, a lighter hardwood will keep the room in a soft pastel feel. Put down a few decorative rugs that will compliment the color of your walls and other accessories.

Doing any combination of pastels will work in a variety of different rooms. I have seen where some people like to take their entire interior and paint each room in a different complimentary pastel color. This creates a warm feeling throughout their living space.

Featured Pastel Products

Color Harmony Pastels: A Guidebook for Creating Great Color Combinations is a great addition to your interior resources. Martha creates a variety of color combinations for you to use in any room. Nice paperback to carry around. Delightful gift idea as well.

American Mills Pastel Chenille 16 by 16 Pillow, Set of 2 gives an uplift to any room in your interior. Plan now to add some soft tones to a bed, sofa, or chair.

When you are choosing softer tones for the foundation, accents and accessories it is alright to add in a couple of darker ones. Make sure the lighter and darker tones compliment each other and doesn't add to much contrast to the overall scheme of the room.

A great place to use the pastels also is in a beach, house, or condo. A beach house, condo or cottage can have either a look of the sand and sea, bright tones or a combination of complimentary pastel colors.

The blue and yellow colors are used in a variety of different decorating ideas. Many wallpapers today and accessories are done using these to colors as a focal point in rooms. When decorating any room decide if you want an overall softer look or a bold and crisp appearance.

Both of these photos gives you ideas using different lighter tones in a kitchen and bedroom.

In the first picture what stands out is the lime tone. The blue compliments the lime shade along with the light wood.

The bedroom photo shows a little look at using soft shades of blues and greens. The light walls gives the room a bigger feel to it. Notice the plant on the night stand. Great accent to this color scheme. A very warm look which can be accented by accessories such as a wreath.

Remember interior decorating today consists of taking your very own personality and creating an atmosphere that you and your family will enjoy. Think about putting certain tones in specific rooms and pastels and bold colors in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and also home offices.

I am working out of my home full time, and it is so important to have your office space cheery and inviting. Light and soft shade colors are a great way to create a serine place to get business done.

Two Tones Of Green
This is a picture of a portion of a bedroom. Notice the two different green tones and how they can be used in walls and also accessories, such as a bedspread and pillows.

As you can see this bedroom was done in both a light shade of green and also darker green tones.

Green is a warm color. I shaded the picture so you could get some ideas of what tones to use.

The darker tone on the top can be used for the wall and the bottom part can be used for a regular ceiling or a tray ceiling. This also can be done with the lighter color on the walls and the darker for trim or woodwork.

I usually don't recommend the ceiling or a tray ceiling be done in a darker color than your walls. Keep the ceiling in softer tones. A neutral color carpet or a soft rich tone in hardwoods would work with this color combinations. Look how nice the pictures flows with the different shades of green in the walls and other accessories.

Decorating with pastels can be a lot of fun and will also result in the creation of a warm place to snuggle up with a book, or watch your favorite program , and also entertain family or friends. Interior decorating doesn't have to expensive.

Going back to the Lilac theme, you can also create a soft tone Lilac room plant some purple or pink flowers or ornamental shrubs outside in a ground or container garden nearby. This is a great way to incorporate your outside colors with your inside.

There are many different ways to decorate using the base color wheel. Use a little creativity with the right color combinations can give each of your rooms whether big or small, a place you can really call your own.


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