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Place Settings - Matching Colors And Themes

Place settings can create the mood and atmosphere of a meal. Matching colors and themes is a great way to have an evening or the holidays fun and relaxing.

Setting the table with fancy and expensive items isn't for everyone. Think about creating different table settings using accessories you already have around the house.

A little creativity and visualizing can make this happen. I may start out by purchasing some basic placemats and napkins, but I like to take it a step further and blend in colors and possibly a theme.

Below are eight different simple ideas in creating a fun atmosphere for a dinner party, everyday dinner, or a special occasion. Notice, there isn't many plates in the pictures. I wanted to show you a couple of options when setting your own table.

The first photo is a very simple idea for a holiday theme or even a cabin theme. The two wine glasses are basic glasses with a teal tone base. The mat is an off white color and the plate creates a festive natural outdoor look.

You can play off the colors of a plate in your mat and napkins. This particular plate has a country look and comes with four different patterns. A great look with wood furniture.

The bright and colorful shades and tones of the placemat gives a festive feel to your table. Think of adding little accessories on the plates as well as around the placemats. The two small koozies or drink holders are wonderful to put a wine glass or another small glass.

It may be hard to see but the drink holder on the left has a claw cracker so it is easily assessable to you and your guests. The ramekin on the plate is great for butter or other condiments. There is also four little knifes with palm trees on the end. This really sets the mood for that tropical dinner.

This place setting is perfect for a nautical theme. Nautical is a very hot decorating trend for 2011. Not only can you decorate your beach house or condo, but you can put the nautical theme in a room or two wherever you live.

The sea and sand represent warm colors in nautical decorating. The neat aspect of interior decorating in this theme, you can add some bolder tones and include your favorite collectable items.

Lighthouses, sand dollars, decorative fish and anchors, and so much more. Great addition with placemats and napkins in your eating area, either inside or out.

One of the fun parts about decorating is you can intermingle themes and colors. Nautical can be blended in with beach and Caribbean colors and accents. Check out the placemats and napkins section of our Inside Out Decorating Store. A wide variety of colors and texture for any occasion.

This first photo below shows a great way to blend in beach theme as well as different colors. The tray can be used for a variety of different items. Notice how the items are positioned on the tray, and an in odd numbers.

The second photo shows you a third option I like to do with colors. The placemat is full of vibrant colors and you can play off those colors in matching other items. Each of the napkin colors blend in with the placemat and the napkin ring is a fish, which also blends in with the placemats. Instead of a name tag or a few mints or chocolates, consider putting a theme base accessory by each plate setting. blue tones in it. Another idea is to put shells by plates, a tropical color candle or tiny bowls with a theme base or matching color after dinner snacks.

Theses two photos are another sign of bright colors. When creating a look using yellow, any type of accessory will work. Yellow is a warm color and you can match up a variety of different napkins and accessories. The cups have a few different colors in them and you can take any of these colors and have matching napkins. The deep blue is a great complimentary color to the yellow, and also brings out the blue in the cups.

The couple of accessories in this photo work great for a whimsical look and feel. The yellow base placemat is light and airy with a small pattern and some orange and green tones in it. A fun candle on a place setting along with a vase or container of a few sprigs from a variegated evergreen shrub looks great at a table. You can use fresh herbs, cut flowers, or even a little bowl with some seeds wrap up.

This is a little different look and one of my favorites. The mat is in a taupe base color and you can use so many different colors and themes with this mat. Take a couple of matching candles of burgundy and create the old time and nostalgia look with an old small linen I had in the linen closet.

If you have some old small linens around your living area, use them for napkins or under candles on a table. They don't have to exactly match as long as the color tones blend well. That old time feel creates a great atmosphere. Take it a step further and plan a meal with an old time favorite menu. I love to make Chicken and Dumplings using this decor. You talk about a mood setter!

This is a simple matching mat and napkin. The light browns and blues create an era of the seventies, but easily used today.

Remember, anything goes in interior decorating today, as long as your room is balanced with a foundation color, and has complimentary accents and accessories. The napkin holder is wood and the color tone of the holder can blend with your furniture. This is a great look for a brunch or informal social gathering.

These checker style napkins looks great and works well for a picnic, camp, lodge, mountain retreat, or a country setting.

The napkins alone can make a table with a vase or container of fresh cut flowers, or a dried arrangement. Pick any color checker style napkin to match your own decor.

The above photos are just a few simple ideas of how to take accessories you already have in your home, apartment or condo, and create a little something different for your place settings.

A key to remember when decorating your table, you want to blend the colors of your dishes with the placemats and napkins. Creating different accessories to go on the table also will bring out your very own personality.

Be sure and check out other accessories in decorating. Use your own personality and create a warm and relaxing environment. I wanted to share with you a simple technique on creating a look with a napkin. It isn't hard and once you get the idea, you can do this with an type of linen. Go ahead and get out your a few napkins and create a new look on your table tonight!

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