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Rooms - Simple Decorating Ideas

Rooms create the atmosphere for your living space. Whether you live in a home, condo, beach house, cabin, dorm area, or an apartment, this section will give you some basic and simple decorating ideas. We will work together on creating different looks and styles for every interior space you can imagine. Below are just a few examples we will be working with.

I like the idea of taking an area and making it, your very own special place. For me, it is my screened in porch. It can get a little chilly in the colder months here in the south, but it my happy place that I love to go to relax and reflect.

Bathrooms are a place we have out of necessity. There are some fun and different ideas on a variety of styles for this space. Pedestal sinks, garden tubs, and blending in bath areas with adjoining rooms.

Many of you have bath areas that join into bedrooms. We will look at a few basic tips on how you can intermingle colors, fabrics, and other decor to give your living space your very own look.

The kitchen can be the hub of your living space. The kitchen can actually create the atmosphere for other areas. This space is where so many people come together not only to eat, but spend time talking and relaxing.

There are so many different ideas and suggestions on how to decorate a kitchen. This is a great living space that each of us can work together to get unique and fun ideas.

The living room is another main area of our inside environment. This area can used for many different purposes.

To some, this may where you relax and watch some television or listen to music. A computer may be set up in this space. This could be an area of play for your children.

There are so many different photos and ideas out today on decorating different interior spaces. I want to take a little different approach in this section. We will work on simple and basic techniques and also creating your individualize area, just for you.

A bedroom is truly a place of rest and relaxation. We'll plan and decorate a small space, an adult living area, and also look at the many possible color combinations. We'll work on matching fabrics with accessories and other accents for this space and other rooms of your home.

Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home is a great book for you to get ideas for your interior decorating.

Great reviews and a wonderful addition to have as a resource.

The family living space is used for many different activities. This can also be called a game area. To me, the family space can be the fun area. This is a great area to consider a theme, and bring in those favorite colors, collectables, and family photos. We will look into a lot of different possibilities.

I have decorated it in beach and tropical themes. It is my space I go to listen to music, write to you on my laptop, and call my very own.

The porch is also a gathering place for family and friends during the spring, summer and fall months. There will be simple ideas on how to take a small or large space and create a little special area for you.

This section on your living space will take us to the living spaces above as well as dorm, garage, basements, enclosed sun, and others. Stay tuned to this and other sections of interior decorating ideas for you to get some ideas for a variety of topics for your indoor needs. I look forward to working with you in decorating different interior areas.

Decorating Small Spaces
Small rooms and arranging furniture can be frustrating at times. In order to create an open look in a smaller room, work with light color tones. Arrange the furniture so there is balance in the room. Here are a few simple tips on arranging furniture in small areas.

Dolphin Ideas For A Bathroom
Our oldest daughter has always had a love of dolphins. She lives in an apartment and has taken simple and inexpensive ideas and created a dolphin haven for her to live. Here are a few ideas for creating a dolphin theme in a bathroom.

Office Decorating Can Create An Atmosphere For Success
Decorating an office for success can be a key in creating a positive work environment. Many offices today are drab and dull, and a little softening of color tones and bringing in a personal touch to your space, can provide a more productive area. Work together with your superiors and peers and create a place that will be a nice area to come to each day. Here are a couple of simple ideas and suggestions to make your office an area to work for success.

Great Ideas Decorating With Other Colors
Great rooms decorating doesn't have to be complicated or stressful. Great rooms, family areas, or a main focal point can take on a wonderful look by using a foundation color and blending in matching color tones from the same family. You can also bring in complimentary tones to set your home, apartment, or condominium apart from others. A few basic ideas for you in decorating.

College Apartment Colors And Decor
It is so exciting to think about moving into your own college apartment. Decorating your college apartment can be a lot of fun as well as the thought of living out on your own. I wanted to share with you some simple ideas for you and your friends to give your college apartment a look that reflects each of your personality.

The Bathroom - Simple Ideas For Small Make Overs
The bath make overs can be done all at once, in phases, or go ahead and change just one aspect of the bathroom. Replace old faucets with new ones provide a great new look. Remove an old sink and add a space saving pedestal sink. These simple ideas are good on the budget.

Home Office - Make The Area Inviting
Your home office should be a place to look forward to working, whether it is full time or part time. The environment should be warm and created for you to be productive. I work full time from home and would like to share with you some simple ideas. Your home is your haven and your office area should be also.

Teenagers Living Space Decorating Ideas
Teenagers and decorating can be frustrating sometimes. These are some tough years for both the young men and women as well as parents. Here are some simple ideas for decorating a teenagers space.

Porch, Decorating Ideas, Inside And Out
The porch is a wonderful way to bring out your favorite colors and personality. Whether it is a screened in porch, front porch, or what I call an "inside outside living area," you can create a great look to enjoy your landscapes and gardens as well as being in a relaxing environment. Get some simple decorating ideas.

Nature Decorating - Enjoy The Outside Inside

A nature room is a wonderful idea for bringing your outside in. You can use different natural colors to incorporate nature themes. Furniture and accessories can bring a room of nature to life. I love taking different aspects of nature and enhancing a room.

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas Your master living space is a place to relax and unwind. Three options you can look at are, balance, color, and theme. You don't have to mull over expensive looking areas. Plan and get a little creative and you can turn your master bedroom into a enjoyable and affordable to have.

Quilts Can Create A Special Look For You Or A Guest
Quilts can create such a special look in a room. There are many different style quilts that are made around the world today. This special quilt was made for us years ago, but the set of painted figures throughout the quilt allows me to have a variety of colors to use as a foundation and complimentary tones. Here are some simple ideas of how to take a quilt and create a new look to any room.

Funky Rooms Decorating Ideas
Funky decorating can be a lot of fun. Take your own imagination and creativity to a new level. I wanted to share with you a couple of simple ideas taking different colors and giving an area a totally funky look.

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