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Safari Decorating Ideas For Any Room

Safari themes are popular in any room today. A child's room can be filled with color and accessories and create an atmosphere of a jungle or a mass of stuffed animals.

Living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, family rooms, and an entire living area can be turned into an African delight. When planning any type of theme based room there are a few things you should think about.

  1. Your base foundation of your walls and ceiling

  2. Consider what accents and accessories you already have around your living space

  3. Accent lamps, lights, fabrics, and pictures add to this theme

  4. Stuffed animals
These are just a few ideas to think about when creating an African style room. You don't have to spend a lot of money in creating your own decorating theme. Use your imagination. I will give you ideas of some colors and possible accessories to create this particular theme.

Different shades of green and gold could be used on the walls as your foundation color. An idea is to take a sage green tone like the one above and paint your walls either in a lighter green tone or darker tone.

When planning your African theme, think not only about the walls and trim color. Your woodwork or trim could be done in the opposite of what the walls are.

Let's say you paint the room in the lighter shade of sage green, do the trim in the darker shade.

The same thing can be done with gold, brown, and tan family. The fun part once you have decided on your foundation paint for your walls, you can begin to coordinate your safari accents and accessories. When you think of Safari base themes, do jungle animals come to mind?

The material in the photo really depicts the classic style of this theme. Leopard and tiger prints work very well in the jungle theme.

An option for you is to purchase different solid or print fabric covers for your chairs, couch or sofa. This is a cheaper alternate than buying new furniture.

Great book to get other jungle and African decorating ideas. I highly recommend this book, as so does the reviews. Just Just Click on the picture and get the details.

A set of these pictures hanging on the wall with another a small shelf in the middle creates a great option for you.

The shelf could have some of your favorite collectables. Remember to design your decor in odd numbers. A few pillows with jungle animals and animal print fabric creates the mood of the room.

This camel accent lamp is a perfect example of blending in with your theme.

Think about the different places you can incorporate the lamp. On an accent table, counter top, night stand, or corner hutch. Great way to set the mood for the evening.

The gold-bronze tone of the lamp allows you to compliment your other colors, such as sage green and black.

This monkey accent lamp is one of my favorites to design in the safari theme. The white lamp shade shares a crisp clean look.

I have this lamp and right now it is on a narrow CD oak stand. Our telephone is next to the lamp, which makes it perfect to see in the evening when the phone rings.

Depending on what room you are decorating will determine what accent and accessories to use. Accent lights are a great way to incorporate a safari setting.

Both of these lights are not expensive and will add so much to your theme base room.

Curtains, blinds, or other window treatment play a big role in the overall feel of a room. Maybe you have decided on a golden tone or a sage tone. Take a look at this curtain and see how the colors of the curtain will blend in with the color of the gold or sage shades.

The bamboo style curtain rod adds onto the feel of an African theme. Be creative with any theme you do, but don't go overboard on too many colors or accessories.

Remember, today anything goes in decorating, but the room has to balance out with not only color, accents and accessories. Allow yourself some flexibility when doing a theme base room. You don't have to have the room completely decorated after you paint.

Look around for the the different items that will bring out your love of that theme. Another idea when doing a safari them is to in create a little area in your room and add a little class to the room.

Notice around each of the glasses. There are jungle animals on a silver ring that goes on the bottom of each glass. A wonderful way to bring out the black color as well as the other animals you may have already used in the theme.

Safari Mirror Decoration
Another idea is to take a mirror and put different items on the mirror. A larger white candle with a bamboo base will reflect great in the evening. The two gold smaller candles provide balance to this accessory.

The mirror is one our daughter's had hanging in the hallway upstairs. She left it when she moved out. A little creativity involved and the mirror became a base or an accessory of this theme.

The photo is one from awhile back of three of our cats we had at that time. Notice the frame, matching into the theme.

This last picture is one of my favorites to use. The figurine was given to us by close friends that traveled to Africa. The base I had around the house and just fit perfectly with the man figurine.

Both of these accessories will work well on different style furniture.

To recap the basic ideas for doing a safari theme.

The first step is to plan the overall theme for the room or rooms. Find your base or foundation color for you walls, trim and possible ceiling.

Think about the color of your furniture and floors - fabric covering is an option. Don't get carried away with too many different colors.

Be creative with the accessories and always decorate end tables, shelves and other accents with odd numbers.

There are many other decorating themes beside the safari idea you can do. Feel free to check out some other simple ideas and tips.

The Safari scheme has many possibilities for any room. Keep it simple and don't try and over decorate. Start with the base color and think about the overall look you are going to have. You can do this or any other theme base room and stay within your budget.

Research what your cost will be for the entire project and with a little creativity with existing items in your home, you can create a wonderful living area for you and your family.

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