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Shades Of Whites Result In Warmth And Eloquence

Shades Of Whites can create a different look in a room. Taking enough contrast in off white colors brings a result of warmth, softness, and eloquence.

One of the options I like doing when working with white tones, is to bring in a soft secondary color to use in your accents and accessories.

If you look at the colors in the photo below, there may not seem like much contrast in any of these colors. The variety of white tones that are available today, have one or two more color pigmentation added to the base color.

When decorating a room using white and off whites, think about what type of result you are looking for. This page will give you some very basic and simple ideas on how to take some off white shades and create that soft and warm feeling you are looking for.

To set the tone of decorating with off whites, lets think about the base color or walls and ceiling. Unless you decide on a true stark white color, most off whites will have one or two drops of yellow, brown, green, blue, or red tone. This gives you the little variation other than the stark white.

When thinking about the walls and ceiling, also think about your floors. Do you want hard woods, tile, or carpet? Remember all interior rooms should balance out with color in the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture and accessories. If you are thinking about decorating in off whites, close your eyes for a minute and think about what style you want to create.

Contemporary, formal, Gothic, and even informal designs come to my mind when decorating with off whites. Art Work in accessories can play a big part of this type of color scheme.

This Gothic picture is great to create an entire room using colors and shades that are in this photo. Paint your room in an off white with a little bit of tan or a light brown mixed in. You can paint your ceiling in a little lighter tone than your walls.

When you are looking at paint or wallpaper samples, look at the different shades in each square.

If you are in the off whites with some tan or brown pigmentation, think about using the first color and third color from this first photo for the walls and ceiling, or the second and fourth color. The walls should compliment the color tones in the photo. Your other accents should also blend in well with the base color.

Your curtains could take on the same look by possibility doing Roman shades. Do some Gothic style trim and also consider using Gothic posts as a focal point in the room. Put a few planters that create that Roman or Gothic feel.

Take a look at matching wood shades and colors. This may give you some ideas if you are doing an existing room or starting from scratch. One of the keys in decorating with off whites is to keep the tone of the room in warm or cool colors.

There is no right answer to using warm and cooler tones. Soft blues and grays create a cooler, yet refreshing look. Yellows, Greens, and a warm melon color create a cozy feel. Below are a couple of tones to consider and a few ideas for decorating with off white colors.

Off white walls in a bedroom with a little blue pigmentation.
  1. A light melon or peach color comforter

  2. Woodwork or trim in a little darker color than the walls.(the second or fourth on the paint sample.)

  3. Furniture in a light maple, oak or pine. Night stands or small tables next to the bed can also have glass tops.

  4. Carpets can be done in a warm off white, making sure they are a little darker than the walls. Another option is to have a soft peach or blue carpet. Hard wood floors should have a complimentary color with the furniture.

  5. Curtains or window treatments can be done in a floral or two tone stripes, using a couple tones of the off white family, or a light blue and peach tone.

  6. Accessories can have a few darker blues or peaches, and even bring in a plant with a secondary color of green.

Decorating in neutrals and off whites can emerge into an eloquent living area. One idea is to create a dining room using off white colors and neutrals. This can lend itself to a rich and formal look. Your furniture can be have some rich tones of a darker color, such as mahogany or a deeper colored oak. Your chairs can be in a stylish off white fabric.

One idea for this type of dining room is to think about wallpaper with a pattern that brings out the neutral colors and off white you are using. This can also be done when incorporating a theme base room. The old time look as well as that contemporary style. A Victorian theme will work with off whites. Another idea is to take a few pictures of your favorite vibrant flower and hang them on the walls.

If you live in a climate where the Magnolia trees grow, during bloom time bring a fresh cut flower in and put it in water.

The sweet aroma of these flowers is absolutely spectacular! Feel free read about the Magnolia. Make sure you take a look at the gorgeous original print and frame you can buy for your own living space.

Create your accessories around the off whites and neutrals, as well if you have a theme in mind.

Working with off white shades can create such a wonderful look in your living area.

The keys to getting the result you want is to work with the off white base color.

Know what other color pigmentation is in the paint. Blend it in well your secondary color or colors, and match your accents and accessories using warm or cool colors.

If you are thinking about wallpaper, look for the shades that will match your accents and accessories as well as any theme you might be thinking about.

Working in interior decorating with off whites can result in such a rich looking living area, as well as a fresh clean and soft look.

If you have any questions on decorating with off white shades, feel free to contact me. In the future we will have the opportunity to decorate different living spaces together, including work together, and an option of doing an off white room for you.

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