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Southern Colors For Decorating

Southern colors in the United States are not only magnificent outside, but the warm and bright tones and shades indoors as well. I have lived in the southern United States since 1994.

I was amazed when I moved from Rochester, New York and the difference of colors used here in interior decorating.

Of course decorating trends will change in any geographic location, but the warmth of yellows, red-orange, greens, and blues remain here in the south.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the different colors I used in Rochester as well as other areas of the country that Tom and I have lived.

It was a different experience for me when we moved here as I immediately began experimenting with the different colors.

To be honest, I have painted several rooms different colors since 1994.

Many of the floors are done in wood and in the kitchen you can find stark white cub boards.

Maple and Oak are also popular here. When we moved, I started using colors that I had painted up north. I began seeing a different trend around here and many people loved putting warm and bright colors in all rooms.

One idea I like to do is to bring a few different colors throughout a living area. I wanted to share with you what some of the popular colors here in the south and give some simple ideas how to use these colors in different rooms.

It is not uncommon in the south to walk into a home, apartment, condo, or beach house and find bright orange-red tone walls. The cayenne pepper color is very popular. Many people also like a little more red to the color. This color can be used as a main focal point in any room. The cayenne is used as the primary color, but there are other secondary colors that can be incorporated.

Yellow is also very popular here in the south. Yellow can be used as the primary color and also green creates an exciting look.

Here are a few ideas for you in planning a southern look in your living space. Pick out what you think is your focal point rooms or rooms.

I am going to describe for you my own home and what I did. I used cayenne as you enter the house in our living room and dining room. There is a five foot across center stairways right as you walk in. Our house is an open plan with cathedral ceilings. The cayenne pepper color definitely sets the tone of the home. The woodwork is done in all white.

The main hallway comes off several rooms and we painted it in a soothing yellow tone. The kitchen comes off the hallway and dining room and is done in a yellow, green and soft white wallpaper. I have included the cayenne pepper color in accessories such as dishes and candles.

Tropical Bedroom Color
As you go down the hallway the laundry room is off it, and I opted to relate a southern and tropical feel to the room. It is painted in a bright green tone. This color is also popular in the Caribbean.

The rich teal tone sets the mood in the master bedroom but also brings me back to a couple of my main themes in the house, tropical and beach.

The pictures and collectables are wonderful memories of previous trips to tropical and Caribbean vacations.

In the south we use many different styles of Bathroom decor. The powder room has a bright flower wallpaper. Each color is blended in with different downstairs rooms. This is what the wallpaper in the powder room looks like. Notice how all the three colors are used in the wallpaper.

The cayenne, green with the yellow background. If you also notice some of the flowers are in a neutral color. Off the hallway and going out of the power room you can see a little of the open family room.

Quoizel Orange Butterfly Tiffany 1 Light Accent Lamp is a great accessory for this theme or a variety of other themes. Great product at a wonderful price. Nice addition to any room.

The family room is done in a neutral sponge with accents and accessories in the other three base colors I used throughout the downstairs.

The upstairs hallway is also done in the warm yellow tone. Each bedroom has its own unique theme. I wanted to have each of our daughter's bring out their own personalities in their rooms. Although they are both grown now, the rooms still have their personal tough to them.

Our oldest daughter wanted a room done in hunter green foundation and flowered wallpaper. Our youngest loves the stars and moon them and we did two different wallpapers with a border at the top. Our youngest collects windchimes and has them hanging all over her room from her ceiling. She is in an apartment now and the windchimes still remains until she buys a house. Tom's office is upstairs so I hear the windchimes often as he bumps his head on them.

We have a Jack and Jill bathroom that goes between both of the girls room. This is done in a neutral color to off set the two different styles of the girls bedrooms.

The third bedroom has its own bath. It is done in an old movie theme wallpaper. Gray and black tones with a tan color to soften the cooler colors. The bathroom is done in the wallpaper also with a black curtain. I added Burgundy show rings and curtains to the bathroom. A nice additional accent color.

Lodge A Skillet
Full Of Tradition
Southern Lodge
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Mrs. Rowe's
Little Book
Southern Pies
One of the true highlights a little different then decor is southern cooking. Mum, so many delicious foods with great presentations.

You may be asking, "what is so great about this type of food?"

Pork BBQ is very popular in this neck of the woods.

Collard greens, and yes grits also. Fresh peaches highlight the late spring into summer months.

After a delicious meal, dessert time arrives with a variety of sensational pies, cakes, and cookies.

Check out these two cookbooks and give your family a little taste of the south.

This is a little description of typical colors in a southern home. Beach houses in the south consists of blues, greens, whites, and neutrals. Beach decor is popular in any area of the south.

Each person living in the south takes high pride in the warm and soothing colors that represent this area. Even if you don't live in the southern United States, go ahead and play around with these colors and see if you can get a feel of our south, tropical, Caribbean, or beach colors.

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