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Sponge Paint A Room And Have Some Fun

Are you not sure how you to sponge paint a room or accessory? There are so many different color combinations you can use to create a soft two or three tone look to a room. You can step it up a notch and explode with bright primary colors for a child's room. Make a grand statement with bright and cheery colors that will create a tropical setting.

You can take a couple of your favorite shades of certain colors.

Turn a dull room into a new and exciting place to relax and enjoy.

You can even experiment with colors and create unique looks that represent different rooms in your living space.

We have a screened in porch at the back side our house. This is a place I love to go and relax and I call it my happy place.

I created a theme using a combination of the tropics and the beach. We have a fireplace in the family room which is next to the porch. The outside cement part of the fireplace is on the porch.

When decorating the porch the fireplace was an eye sore with the surrounding bright colors of wind chimes and other accessories. An idea if you have this situation, is to put a coat of white primer on the fireplace.

After the primer was dry, put a coat of white latex paint. With this project, use a large brush and a paint roller. The next step is the fun part to share your creativity.

Overall Sponge Look
Let's first work through the different steps.

Also, what materials you will need to create this great look. Here are materials you will need.

  • Brush and option of a paint roller
  • Sea Sponge
  • Primer
  • Base Paint
  • Second or third color paints
  • Newspaper
  • Rag or paper towels
  • Ladder
As you can see not only walls can be sponged, but other accents can create a unique look in a living space. The first step to this type of project is to prime the area you are going to paint.

Prepare your walls to paint will give you the right steps before doing any painting project. Once the primer has dried, go ahead and put your base paint on the walls or whatever surface you are doing. Once the base paint is dried, you will be ready to use the sea sponge.

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Choose one or two other colors to accent your base paint. There are a couple of options you can try with your accent colors. Let's say you are using just one secondary color.

You can use that secondary color or you can add a little white paint to the accent color and this will soften the look. The more white you add, the lighter the color.

You can actually use the secondary color and make two different tones to it. This will give you three different colors for the walls or surface. When using the accent color or colors, pour the paint into a small container as it is easier to work with.

Sea sponges can be purchased at craft stores or local big chain stores, and are inexpensive.

The first step is to moisten it, but don't saturate it. Dip it into the container of paint, but only a portion of it.

The material has different grooves in it and will create a few unique patterns. Always test it out on newspapers or an old piece of wood first, so you can see what the pattern will look like.

There is no set way of doing this type of project, it is design your own look. The fun part of doing this is you can create whatever type of pattern you want. The pattern can be closely woven or spaced out.

On this fireplace in the photo, I used three colors, and the green is a lighter tone besides the original color to get the effects of four different shades. The pattern is considered an overall look and feel.

Take a look at the sample I did. The colors are soft and warm and could create a great sky look in a child's room. You can also sponge just one wall and that is known as an accent wall.

Go ahead and wash the it out immediately after you are finish, as you will be able to use it again for future projects. You can even use sponge painting in some outdoor features. A wooden wishing well or small table can be painted in this style with outside paint, creating your very own personality.

Plant some colorful annual or perennial flowers in a container or pot, and sponge paint the pot to match or accent the flowers. A great family project. There are so many different looks you can create with sponge painting and for so many different surfaces, rooms and accents.

No matter what color or colors you use and is a fun activity for the entire family or art classes.

Children love working with colors and it will enhance their awareness of all the beautiful colors that are both inside and out. You can also create a fun look with adding a little bolder colors. There are so many other textures and colors you can do on your walls. If you have any questions on how to sponge paint a room or other surfaces, feel free to contact me in the indoor contact section. I would be happy to help you get started on this colorful project.

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