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St Patricks Day Party Decorating

St. Patrick's Day is a great time to have a party. Have you been thinking about having a get together with family and friends for the big Irish celebration? You don't have to be Irish to have a party. Of course we know St. Patrick's Day is focused on the color green. Green is a hot decorating color trend for 2013.

Let's think about creating a fun atmosphere for the party. Feel free to play the music and get your creative juices flowing.
  1. Formal or informal get together
  2. Full meal or snacks and appetizers
  3. Music
  4. Beverages
  5. Table decorations
  6. Games as an option
St. Patrick's Day table favor

Formal or informal, your decorations should incorporate the theme of the day or evening event. Formal allows you to decide on a full course meal, and dressing up. An informal theme allows your guests to come in relaxed clothes and munch away the evening on snacks and appetizers.

The first picture is a wonderful table setting favor or you can create a centerpiece. Consider using artificial shamrocks or fresh greenery. Add a decorative lighter tone ribbon around the shamrocks or greenery. This makes a great table decoration.

Your decor sets the mood of the event, but the food plays a big role in having a successful party. I have to tell you a story about Tom and my oldest daughter. She is in her 30's now, and I went into labor on St. Patricks Day. She was born early in the morning on the 18th of March.

We have a tradition in our house even though both girls are grown up. When a birthday arrives, the person has the choice of his or her favorite meal.

Due to the fact Kelly was born so close to St. Patricks day, each year I would make the traditional cabbage and corn beef dinner. I would have carrots and potatoes along with the cabbage and corn beef.

The diner was served on a big platter sprinkled with parsley.

Years after we had this dinner every year for Kelly's birthday she decided to let me know that she really didn't care for corn beef and cabbage. Hum, good idea but wrong meal even around St Patricks day.

The corn beef and cabbage is a great choice for a full meal, as well as Irish beef stew. You can substitute the beef for chicken or pork.

Other food options are Reuben sandwiches, You can make shrimp, chicken, or tuna salad finger sandwiches. Keep in the theme and put the salads on Irish soda bread. If you are doing a semi or formal dinner, consider your table decor.

Snacks and appetizers create a wonderful informal party. I like to plan the food around the color scheme and theme of the party. Many of us know that green beer is popular on this special day.

Serve a dark beer, or a lighter beer with green dye in it. Bring the beer to room temperature to keep in tradition of the Irish enjoying their beer a little warm. If you don't want to serve alcohol, make a punch and put some pieces of lime in it, or green dye.

Here are some simple ideas on decorations. If you are going formal, green tablecloth with white cloth napkins will work. You can reverse this as well. Have a centerpiece of fresh cut green and white flowers. A small favor or gift box is a great idea for each guest.

Ah, the luck of the Irish! This table top decoration is so special to the many people. Display it year around. I love the candle holder, and great for your party, or anytime. Check them both out! Great gifts for the upcoming celebration.

You don't have to go overboard with decorating. Do you have anything green around your living space such as a vase, candy dish, or glasses? These are great accessories to include with the decor.

Your goal is to think green, but add a couple of complimentary colors. When decorating for a party, your eating area is an important place. The tablecloth, napkins, placemats, centerpiece and candles.

Think about other ways to have fun with this event. Banners, small flags, and garland. Take some green garland and string miniature lights throughout the garland.

Arrange the garland on an accent table, buffet, or other piece of furniture. Remember green is a hot decorating trend in 2011, so get creative and use green throughout your entire plan.

Music creates a great atmosphere for a St. Patrick's Day party. Great option is to Irish music into the St Patricks day party decorating ideas.

If you have the ability, have the music playing in different rooms. Not loud, so your family and friends can enjoy.

The bottom line with a St. Patrick's Day party, think green and create a fun menu. To recap, let's go through some items you can use.
shamrocks - hats and signs
tablecloths, napkins, and placemats
Theme base food
Irish Music

Now is a great time to plan out your party. Have a great party and enjoy!

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