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Strawberries Create A Delightful Fruit Theme

Strawberries are a wonderful way to create a fruit base theme in your kitchen or other rooms. I have used this fruit theme and brought out the colors of different accessories.

This page will share some ideas for you on taking some accessories and creating a theme of bright colors. What do you think of when you see strawberries? I think of mouth watering fruit used in desserts and also eaten fresh.

When decorating with fruit inside, I like to take the color tones of the actual fruit and create a room using those color tones. In the photo below, look at the lighter green tone in this canister.

The green tone is in the olive family and would create a wonderful wall color. The base color of the canister is white.

I love the red strawberry hen figurines. This is a great accessory for a countertop or accent table. The hens are small enough where they don't take up too much room.

Lets take an example of a kitchen that is done in the strawberry theme. You have decided to use the olive green tone as your base wall color.

The ceiling can be painted in a stark white can paint the ceiling in one of the lightest shades of the olive green.

The lighter olive green tone will create a warm and cozy tone to the kitchen. Counter tops can be done in a light color to soften the walls, or you can once again use a light shade of the olive green.

There are counter tops available today that have multi-tones in theme. The key is not to get too much color and also to balance the room. A wallpaper border would work well with this theme. Also matching fabric in tones of the red and green. If you have a wallpaper border with the fruit on it, consider solid on two tone fabrics.

If you decide on white base walls, the counter can be done in the green tone. This is also where you can bring in the fruit theme in your fabric. If you love this fruit, your walls can be done completely in wallpaper. To soften this look, consider doing just one wall in the paper. This is called the strawberries accent wall.

Furniture can be either dark or light wood, or give it a fun and cottage feel with some whicker furniture.

This teapot has a cream color base. Using this accessory opens doors for adding a contrast cream color to your trim or ceiling. If you are using a white base wall color, make sure there is enough contrast in the white and cream colors.

This cookie jar can be a focal point as an accessory. Display it in a central location, and if you have children, you know it will also get some good use.

I love this strawberry sign, as you get a touch of country decorating, old time, and yet you are staying in this fruit theme.

Interchanging themes can give you more opportunities to use a variety of colors.
Now the strawberry roosters are definitely a conversation piece for friends and family. A unique item as well as making a delightful gift.

Just CLICK on each photo to get all the details.

Be sure and look at the other accessories in the right hand column. All items I have carefully selected for you.

A soap dish adds a little extra touch to the strawberry theme. The colors match well off a green tone counter top. The soap dish adds a little more personality to your room. Ah, the night light. Another great little item to bring out the fruit theme. Place the night light in an outlet that is visible.

Here is another simple idea to create this fruit mood. Cups and salt and pepper shaker create the fruit theme. These ceramic items can give you a little formality and eloquence to your theme. This photo shows you the teapot and the cup together with an accenting tray. Putting these two accessories in your room can enhance using the cream and white colors. Notice that there is enough contract in the cream base teapot and white base cup. A great way to blend in the colors of your base, secondary colors.

These accessories and simple ideas above for this theme room and can be done within a budget. You can take any room and create this theme using different accents and accessories.

If you want a clean and crisp base color on your walls, before decorating with strawberries, a white base paint would work great.

You can go a step further and have the paint store put one or two drops of an olive tone pigmentation in the white paint. This will give the walls a little shade of green.

Check out some other themes for your living space. Great time to plan!

Don't forget to think about the outside near the room. A couple of containers of matching tone plants or even some strawberry plants will bring your inside out and your outside in.


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