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Thanksgiving - Last Minute Easy Decorating Ideas

Ah, can you smell the turkey in the oven, deep fryer, or smoker? The hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and the holiday seasons are closing in fast. For Canada, they have already celebrated their special day of thanks, but many Canadians will also celebrate with Americans.

Do you have any decorations for this special holiday? There are many different ways to take an accent table, other furniture, add some silk or real flowers, candles and create a simple look. A little accent lighting will also brighten up a few decorations. I wanted to share with you some ideas to take a few items for some last minute decorating.

Here is a piano with holiday decorations. The center basket has a silk flower arrangement, as well as a couple of cute turkey collectables, and a few candles. Simple decorating for a piano.

This picture shows you come simple pumpkin candles with silk flowers in a hand made wooden bowl.

The little black accent light can be used during the evening hours, or the miniature lights. Now believe it or not the miniature lights have Christmas colors.

I like bringing in two different holiday's on one decor. This creates the mood of now and anticipation. Again, I used some of the same Halloween accessories for this holiday as well. Simple and easy to do and also great for the budget. I kept the white scarf with the orange leaves through this holiday as well.

Brilliant colors leaves have come and gone in some locations, and the leaves are a great reminder of the beauty of the outdoors.

This simple centerpiece for a table took less then five minutes to put together.

A hand made oil lamp is used as the focal point, pumpkin napkin rings are arranged around the lamp. Either side has Thanksgiving candle holders.

Notice how I didn't make both candles the same color. I matched the color of the candle with the Pilgram's clothes. This gives you the balance of a simple table focal point.

Turkey Gooble Ti Ya Wobble

I love this turkey glass bowl with the small matching turkey candles. The white little cloth balances well with the tiny white candles. This Thanksgiving decor is great for a countertop, accent or end table, or by a computer desk. Simple and can be used year after year.

A way for children to enjoy the holiday's through decor is to add a couple of fun items when decorating. The first photo has a cute Thanksgiving turkey with a sign that says, "Gobble til ya wobble." The color tones in the two pumpkin candles as well as the orange candles blend in well with the turkey figurine.

Notice also how I have five items. Decorate with odd numbers. One larger item, two medium, and two small creates a great balance to interior decorating.

Continuing on with odd numbers and decorating, the stuffed animal turkey is a great focal point for a table, countertop, or any accent furniture.

The color of the placemat blends in with the color of the turkey and two candles. The turkey's feathers also represent the fall colors and make this simple accent a festive mood for the season.

Two more very simple last minute decorations for your Thanksgiving. The small vase with the colorful flowers once again represents the beauty of the autumn season. I actually took these flowers out of an arrangement our daughter had received from her graduation.

One family of flowers that can be used as a focal point on a Thanksgiving table is Mums. There are many different fall colors you can get with Mums. Take a decorative pot and use this as a focal point. The photo on the right is very similar, except seven items were used, the vase and flowers and pilgrim candles and pumpkin rings. Simple, easy, and cost effective.

This last photo continues my decorating of an old sled. Change of seasons and holidays, and change of decor results in a new look for this old sled. I put a couple of a stuffed turkey on either end.

The pumpkin accents lights from above were kept on the piano from Halloween. Pumpkins also represent the fall season and a rich tradition from the very first Thanksgiving.

The dried Indian corn creates the autumn mood, as well as other artificial material. Scattered on the sled are silk colored leaves of red, orange, and yellow.

Simple decorating, easy to do, and the sled can be put in any room. By a fireplace is a great idea.

This page gives you some very simple and easy last minute decorating ideas for your special Thanksgiving day. Many of us think of Christmas as the big decorating holiday. You can decorate for any holiday. Check out some other simple ideas for your holiday decorating.

With a little imagination and creativity, things you may already have around your living space, you can make any area a bright and cherry addition to your special holidays.

Stayed tune and feel free to bookmark this site on interior decorating. The holidays creep up on all of us so fast. Any holiday can be a little special with a few decorations around your living space. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE!


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