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Themes In Decorating

Themes in interior decorating represent each of our personality and interests. We can pick a specific idea that brings us joy and relaxation. Whether it is a child's room, family room, an entire apartment or home, you can take something of interest and enjoyment, and decorate inside.

This is going to be a fun section of the Web site where we can explore different ideas. We can create simple and inexpensive rooms which incorporate a variety of themes. Let's say you live in an apartment or condominium. Maybe the rules state you can't paint your walls. In many places the walls are white or an off white color.

This is where your personality can come out in developing a topic of interest that will be your focal point of your living space.

Your creativity with items you enjoy will give your room or rooms a new sense of identity.

Our oldest daughter lives in an apartment and for years have loved dolphins. She has collected many different dolphin figurines.

She cannot paint her walls, but has taken the dolphin theme and made her entire apartment through accents and accessories a dolphin haven.

You can create a nautical look in any room in your own living space, or an entire area full of nautical colors and accessories.

Decorating trends come and go, and some come back again. When you think about doing a favorite scheme or topic base room or house, one of the first steps in planning this is to identify what topic of interest you want to incorporate. Of course it can be done in one room or several rooms. You can do a theme for individual rooms.

I have done this in our home and to me, it shows the different interests we all have as a family. Our younger daughter is out in an apartment also. She has done her apartment in the stars and moon theme.

Although her room here is empty now, the wallpaper reflecting the stars and moon theme remains, and all of her wind chimes hanging from the ceiling. When she buys a home, she will get her wind chimes. Sound familiar to you?. Allowing your children to take a topic they enjoy and include them (within reason) to help decorate the room.

Disney stories and characters have changed over the years, but they are still very popular. Taking stuffed animals and using colors from the animals for the walls, ceiling and accessories, will bring a child's room in their comfort zone.

The second photo is a forest ranger bear and a bear figurine. A light in-between them will accent these two figures. Take a color out of the rangers outfit and paint the walls. Do you remember what your decor was when you were young? I had posters all over my walls and even on my ceilings.

Nautical decorating is a fun way to decorate a lake or beach house.

The tropics are full of bright colors and natural beauty. You can bring these fun and exciting colors right into a room or rooms.

If you have ever lived or visited the tropics, the Caribbean, or other islands, you know these places are full of bright colors.

Vibrant colors indoors like your brilliant colors in outdoor shrubs and flowers, create a festive and happy mood.

There are so many different accessories you can use with interior decorating. Use your own personality to pick out accessories that will blend into your color schemes throughout your living space. Theme base rooms can create a totally different look and feel to your living space


You can take something you really enjoy and create that look in any room. Besides doing an inside defined style, also consider doing an outside specific theme in your garden or landscape.

Both of these sections will be great places to come and explore many different possibilities for your interior and exterior decorating needs.

Safari Ideas For Any Room
Safari decorating can be done within your budget. A little creativity along with a plan, will allow you to create any room using popular colors to develop a safari living area.

The Old Time Look - Create Your Nostalgia Decor
An Old time or nostalgia look can be created by using a piece of furniture as your focal point. The walls in old time decorating can become your accent. Here are a few ideas on how to create your very old time theme using furniture and accessories that you may already have in your home or apartment

Beach Decorating Using Colors Of The Sand And Sea
Beach themes are a wonderful way to decorate your a room, your home, condo, or cottage. This page will give you a few ideas on different colors and how to use your accessories. The Beach theme is different from the island or Caribbean theme. I like using blues and light browns to create a bright beach look.

Tropical And Caribbean Colors And Ideas
Tropical or island themes are a wonderful way to relive your visits, or just have the feeling of being there daily. Take the two tone color of the Caribbean ocean and make it your base color and decorative with accents and accessories that blend well with the teal tone. Here are a few ideas for you.

Camp Decorating - Keeping In Touch With Nature
Camp or cabin decorating reflects the area it is in, nature that surrounds you. Decorating your camp or cabin is about bring your own favorite colors, hobbies, and relaxation inside. An idea is to take nature and incorporate it inside your living area. A few simple and basic ideas for you. Camp Decor from Inside Out Decorating Store.

Strawberries Create A Delightful Fruit
Strawberries Create A Delightful Fruit Room Decorating a room in a strawberry fruit theme can be mouth watering. Here are some simple ideas for taking the strawberry and using accessories as well as a couple of different wall colors to create a delightful theme base room.

Whimsical Ideas For Inside Decorating Themes
Whimsical decorating on the inside can be a lot of fun. I love doing this style theme as to me, there is no rhyme or reason to it. Follow a base foundation color, add one or two secondary colors, and use a variety of different items for your accessories. Here are a few simple ideas for decorating in a whimsical theme.

Blueberry Collectables And Decorating A Room
A blueberry collection can make a wonderful idea. When you think of blueberries, what comes to mind in decor? Is it a cheery kitchen, or something more eloquent? Here is a little different approach to taking a blueberry collection and using matching colors to blend the two into a nice look for a dining room or other room.

Bed And Breakfast Decorating Ideas
A bed and breakfast is a great place to visit and relax. I wanted to share some simple ideas for decorating a bed and breakfast. Also feel free to tell us about your favorite bed and breakfast, or if you own a B and B.

Cafe Coyote In San Diego California
Cafe Coyote in old town in San Diego, California is a dynamite restaurant to not only eat, but to enjoy the fantastic decor of Mexican colors. Clayton Parker the artist, has created an atmosphere of brilliant paintings and color for everyone. Here are some photos for you and some thoughts. You can also join in on reviewing your favorite restaurant decor with others. This should be a lot of fun!

Cabin Fever - Simple And Real Decorating
Cabin Fever is a wonderful simple and real interior decor in Saluda, North Carolina. Tom and spent a weekend and fell in love with the rustic feel and simple decorating theme. Come take a look and see if you can get some ideas for your cabin decorating.

Gothic Decorating Ideas - Simple and Rich Color Tones
Gothic or Roman style of decorating can create a formal look for any room. There are ways to create the Gothic look without spends thousands of dollars. Gold, tan, and black are popular colors for this era. Columns were very common. I wanted to share with you a couple of simple ideas to take this time period and bring it into your living space.

Restaurant - Decorating Ideas For Your Family Owned Business
Family owned restaurants take a lot of pride and joy in their business. The menu and food may be great but if you interior decor and colors are not balanced with your name and personality, the chances of getting return customers will dwindle. Here are a few basic tips on how to implement a solid overall decorating plan to your family owned restaurant.

City Restaurant Decorating - For Your Customers Satisfaction
City life is fast and always seems to be on the go. Do you own or manage a family restaurant? Here are a few basic tips to create total customer satisfaction. Your menu and food are your number one priority, but so should your interior decor.

Harvest Gold - 1970s - Decorating Ideas
Harvest gold stoves and the seventies, do you remember? If you still have that harvest gold or avocado stove and not quite sure how to create an updated look, this is the page of simple ideas to help you. Maybe you love the 70's look and want to bring the seventies colors back into a room. Add a couple of complimentary colors to the harvest gold and you will have a new look and feel to enjoy.

Victorian Decorating - Style And Tradition
Victorian decorating is one of tapestry and large pattern fabrics. Rich tone furniture along with shelves filled with figurines. Did you know there are three periods of the Victorian era? Come with me and share some simple ideas on how to take a room or two and create a theme from the past, Victorian style.

French Country Decorating
French Country decorating brings out some rich red and green tones, and also a touch of pastels. Simple and rustic are terms that come to mind when you decorating with the French country style. This page shares some history of this theme base interior decorating idea.

Nautical Decorating
Nautical decorating is popular today. Think of pastels, and stripes. Deep blue, red and white stripes. Collectables of ships, seashells, and lighthouses. This page on nautical decorating shares some simple ideas on how to take any room and create a dynamite look for your interior space.

Country Decorating - Simple Ideas
Country Decorating has been and still is a very popular theme in decorating. Think simple and basic and use things already around your living space. This page gives you some ideas on usings accessories and wood to create your country look.

Mexican Decorating
Mexican decorating is full of vibrant colors. Tile and texture walls allows you to have the feeling of being in Mexico or the Caribbean.

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