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Tropical And Caribbean Colors And Ideas

Ah, tropical paradise is what many of us dream of. The warm and colorful two tone ocean, the swaying palm trees, and the bright tones of yellow, orange, green, and teal. The colors represent festive tones of the Caribbean and other warm destinations.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean or Island theme can consist of a main color, and more than one secondary color, which will compliment the main base or foundation tone. The warm green and blue tones above are very popular tones in many different tropical climates. The orange tones create a festive mood, which results in a positive and relaxing environment.

Caribbean Flare

This fabric on the left can be used in couches, chairs, bedspreads, comforters, or curtains. When you have painted or wallpaper your walls, the accents will come into play.

The second photo was painted in the Dominican Republic. Notice the different bright colors. This is a great accessory to use in a Caribbean theme.

An idea is to use decorative lights to enhance your accessories. A strand or two of tropical theme lights such as lobsters, shells, or fish add a taste of the islands. Even miniature white lights will create a great look around some of your pictures or other accessories.

The secondary colors of rich blues, burnt reds, gold to yellow tones, gives your living area that added boost to create the relaxed atmosphere.

The wonderful aspect of all these bright color tones, is you can put these colors in any room.

When planning any theme base room, draft an overall plan.

If you have been to an island or islands, use your personal photos, souvenirs, and other trinkets to create the overall theme.

Play off the color tones and create a bright statement.

This photo below of the Caribbean my husband Tom took on one of our trips. I used the picture to create an entire bedroom in a tropical theme. The walls are painted from the warm tones of the ocean.


I went to the store and got three different samples close to the Caribbean two toned color.

Took the samples outside in natural lighting in full sun, and then shade. Also brought the samples in and matched the color to the indoor lighting. This is a great way to pick that ideal color for your walls.

In many of the different Caribbean countries or islands, there are tiled floors. Some tiles have different symbols of that country. Use the colors of your walls, accents, and accessories to blend with the floor colors.

If tile isn't right for you, consider a sharp and distinct colored carpet, or a light and airy floor. You can make the room come to life by adding these warm colors.

Pillows also provide great accents. This Brentwood Originals Panama Palm Tree Jacquard Chenille pillow captivates the a neutral look in this theme.

First class reviews, and one I would definitely buy.

Wicker furniture is another option that can create a warm and relaxed feeling. The fabric on the cushion can accent the color of the walls and floors.

Here is a picture of a sombre, that was bought in Mexico. Display it on a wall or on a piece of furniture. This sombre can add a little different flare to your room.

Think about bringing in some neutral tones with the hat and give it a more formal look. In the color section there is a color wheel and some topics dealing with bold, neutral, and pastel colors.

Go off one base color and work with the secondary colors to compliment each other. Below are some different accessories that could be used in this island theme.

Colorful Pepper
The doll and pepper has deep and rich tones, so try and create your walls, floors and accents using these colors.

This is a great exercise in learning how to put colors together and to also balance out the room. One of your final accessories in your room is some warm climate plants.

There are many different indoor plants that will create that real zest for bringing the island feeling inside.

Check out this beach sunrise ornament and other Scenic Oval Ornaments.

If you are thinking about a tropical theme party, get some simple ideas for your next event.

Any specific style of decorating can be easily done with a little creativity on your part, and knowing what colors that will blend in well with the rest of your decor.

An Island or Caribbean theme is fun and even though you won't actually be there, you can have a taste of the tropics right in your own living space.

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