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Valentine Day Decorating, Some Simple Ideas

Valentine Day Decorating can be done with items you already have around your living space. When we think of this holiday romance, flowers and candy automatically come to mind.

There are simple ways of decorating for this holiday and create a festive mood for a room or two. The decorations below are from Teddy bears that have been collected over years, plus little candles and other items that I have around the house.

I wanted to share with you six different ideas to create a little Valentine flare in your home.

Teddy Bears In Rocking Chair
This is the Teddy bears very own rocking chair. These Teddy bears are a small collection our daughters have gathered over the years. I like to save the different theme stuffed animals and use them during the right holidays.

Notice I put seven (odd numbers in decorating) Teddy bears in the rocking chair and a white lace tablecloth acts as a back drop, or accent. The bears have the Valentine theme of red and white with some having romantic cute sayings. The rocking chair can be put in a corner or used as a focal point in a room.

This is one of my favorite items to use during the romantic holiday. The sled has been in my family for a long time.

Using the sled to create a little Valentine magic accents a room nicely.

If you don't have an old sled, find something around that you could put a few stuffed animals or other accessories on. Notice how I have the bear in the center with a little bit of artificial flowers and a red pillow.

These soft textured pillows are very popular today and creates a soft look to the old sled. I decorate the sled at Christmas in a simplistic way of attaching a little live pine. In the decorating tips there is a picture of the simplicity of the pine on this sled.

Of course we all know one of the highlights of this special day is flowers. Flowers Online is a fantastic way to show that special one how much you care. The wonderful aspect of Flowers Online is you can send flowers any time of the year.

This photo shows you a few accessories around and in a plant. This is an indoor Bamboo plant and I like to put a Teddy bear in the plant as the focal point, with a couple of other Valentine animals in front. Three works well with this size plant.

If you have plants that sit on a table or stand, arrange your stuffed animals or other holiday items in and around the plants. This really can create a festive mood.

The five candle setting is perfect for a dining room, kitchen, accent or end table. The white cloth adds a little romantic setting for any piece of furniture.

A great way to do this is to put your tall candles in the back, with a bigger candle in the center and two smaller candles on either side of the bigger candle.

This balances your theme area out and the red colors of the candles act as a nice focal point. Also notice how the three main candles are shaped in a triangle form. This is a great way to create a design in accessories. Below is a great decoration you can use year after year.

This is a very simplistic idea to decorate for Valentine's Day.

Take a couple of bears on a table or accent table and the focal point can be a yummy candy dish. The container has a small heart which depicts the holiday atmosphere.

The next photo is a great way to combine candles, bears and a basket. The tall candles are in the background with the focal point being the bears in the basket.

Neat idea to create a look once again on a dinning room, kitchen or other table. This is also awesome on a shelf in any room.

Put your favorite candy or nuts in the dish and this adds a great little accessory for the holidays. Be a little creative with the dishes and candy.

I like the idea of putting martini glasses on the table with candy filled in each one of them.

Match your other table settings with the color of the candy. A great way to blend in the celebration with color and even texture.

The last picture is a great idea for your table. Put a solid base table cloth on the table. Add a white lace table cloth over the top of the solid one.

You can use red or pink for the base color. The lace gives the table a romantic feel, and also eloquent. The base red color will also accent any other red items you put on the table. Simple idea resulting in a warm looking table.

I wanted to share with you just a couple of simple decorating ideas for the Valentine holiday season. Of course you can use flowers and other accessories to spruce up your living space and get into the romantic mood. Take things you already have around your home, apartment, condo, or other living space and create a little holiday magic for you and your love ones.

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