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Victorian Decorating - Style And Tradition

Victorian decorating is one of style, character, and tradition. I remember as a child going into a few of my aunts house.

The lush drapery had buttons and tassels flowing around a window. Wallpaper full of big flower or other patterns in dining rooms and bedrooms.

Wingback chairs and couches with rich wood tones in the focal room, the parlor. Figurines that seem to come to life as you entered a room. Prints, tapestry, and formality filled the houses years ago.

Today there are different ways you can decorate a room or your entire living space in a tradition of Victorian decorating.

The history of Victorian decorating goes back a long ways in time. Did you know there are three different categories of this style of decorating? Early, mid and late Victorian decor. Each of these three represent the entire theme of this era. From a very simple look in the early era, to more of a manly feel in the mid era. The late time frame brings on a new dimension of bringing in the female taste.

So, what if you want to put a little Victorian decorating in a room or two? You don't have to go out and buy expensive furniture and accents. Check out the things around your living space and see if you can create this look.

Ah, here is a typical pattern of this theme. This is an old scarf that is on an organ bench.

Embroidered or a fabric with a delightful tapestry pattern, creates a great look of the era. You can also take an accessory like this and use the colors in the scarf to decorate the rest of the room.

This is another scarf for a piano bench. Once again the colors can be used to create the room. The roses and their wine and pink tones.

Music played a big role in the Victorian era, and also seen in many different fabrics, such as drapery, and accessories. Notice the rich color tones in the scarf. The deep blue tone as the background gives you the sense of the mid Victorian style.

Featured Victorian Products

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Close Up Of Victorian Style Accent

This is a small Ottoman that gives you another feel of this theme and time. The pattern in the fabric really depict the era and the big patterns throughout the fabric. This piece of furniture actually goes with a vanity but can be used as an accent in a room. Put something like this in a corner with a Victorian doll sitting on it.

The first photo really allows you to think of this time frame and the cards that are made for this style. I love to take photos like this picture, frame them and put them on a wall, or on an accent table. A great accessory for this era.

The second picture is a classic of the Victorian couple in a figurine. I also remember seeing an entire accent shelf at one of my aunts house with a collection of couples in figurines. Formal attire and women with frilly hats and umbrellas. It was like stepping back in time walking into my different aunts houses, especially the parlor area.

Victorian decorating creates many different options for you. Today, interior decorating is all about taking what you like and creating a main theme throughout your living space.

You can also create several different themes. I personally like to take different themes that Tom and I like, and use that particular theme in one room.

To recap this theme page, tapestry, large prints in fabric, rich wood tone furniture, along with wingback couches and chairs create a look that will bring you back to the Victorian era and a place in history.

Be sure and check out some other themes besides this Victorian decorating page, and start planning for your next indoor project. If this theme interests you, go ahead and look around your living space and see if you can create a little bit of this era for your enjoyment.


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