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Walls And Ceiling
Tips On Paint And paper

The walls and ceiling create the atmosphere for any room. Whether it is paint, paper, panel, or adding a mural to a room, this is the focal point you see when you walk into any room.

This section will give you a variety of ideas on techniques in painting, such as sponge, stripes, and papering.

Accents and accessories add a secondary compliment to the room. There are many different options in painting a room or papering.

One of the most critical aspects of decorating a room is the preparation phase of the project. It doesn't matter whether you plan to paint or paper.

When decorating your interior. you have learned through many years of experience, both good and bad, that if you don't plan and prep properly, your money spent will be doubled having to do it over.

Below are a few of the tips and techniques I will talk about when painting your walls or foundation.
  1. Removing old paint
  2. Sanding the area
  3. Cleaning before applying new paint
  4. Painting with brushes and rollers
  5. How many coats of paint to put on
Taking those measures measures to properly plan and prep is as important as adding the accessories to finish the room.
Caribbean color
One of your biggest goals is to take your own personality, favorite colors, and make the room or rooms for your enjoyment and relaxation.

These simple ideas will help you get over the stress and hurdles of understanding your basic foundations and the ceiling.

Wallpaper has been around for years. There are so many different styles and companies that give you a variety of to choose from, including many different theme base papers.

Great book to learn more about different colors. Now is the time to buy that special someone a gift to decorating their own living space.

There are so many different shades available today. Pastels, vibrant deep tones, classy white and off whites, and bright and bold colors. Click on the picture for more details.

Similar to landscaping being an outdoor investment, paper is an interior investment.

It is cheaper to paint a room, but if you properly prepare the foundation and know how to put up paper correctly, it can be a great investment that will last for years. This area on paper will give you some ideas on how to
  1. Strip old water paper off
  2. A solution to hang paper over paper
  3. Preparing before applying the paper
  4. Correct way to put wallpaper and a border up
This section will also talk about putting stipes and plaids together, big flower patterns, and tips on balancing your home with paint and paper.

We will be talking about different patterns and how you can incorporate the patterns in certain rooms and add some exciting accessories to accent the paper.

Many of the paper companies sell accessories also, and this could give you options for doing the entire foundation, accents and accessories.

I went on consultations and worked with people in deciding on paint colors and matching paper for different rooms in their homes. I would also put together a series of paper for four or five rooms with other designers.

This was a lot of fun and especially when we could put the personality with the paint colors and different style paper.

Paneling can create a unique look in a room. My father many years ago built the entire upstairs of our house using Knotty Pine. The grain in the wood gave us a warm feeling to the rooms and hallway.

There are many different color tones available today. Paneling also is popular in mountain cabins, and cottages. Some of you may have paneling on your walls for years and want a change.

Wainscoting is another type of material that can be used in an entire room or part of a wall. There are so many different colors to work with when painting wainscoting.

Many people look at their ceiling and think, "same old ceiling just like in any other house or apartment." There are different ways to incorporate a new look in your ceilings. Many of you may be thinking as you look up at that textured ceiling, "I want the ceiling flat, not that textured look." You could have someone come in and remove the textured look, but we all know it can be costly.

Take an accent color and paint the textured ceiling, and crate a new look! Think about a color that is one of your rooms right now. Imagine putting a lighter tone of that same color paint on the textured ceiling, instead of that stark white, or dirty white color. We all know what it is like to paint the foundation and get the paint on the ceiling. I will show you a couple of tips that can prevent your brush or roller from hitting the ceiling.

Tray ceilings are very popular today and a great decorating idea is to take the color of your foundation and paint the tray a lighter shade. Understanding the basis of the color wheel can help you a lot when picking out your color tones.

Together we can take any room, plan the foundation of painting or papering, and create walls and ceilings that will bring your room or living area a place of relaxation and enjoyment.

Let's Decorate Your Interior Walls And Ceiling.

Prepare Your Walls To Paint
Preparing your walls to paint is a critical step in interior decorating. Here are some basic and simple ideas for you to get your room ready to decorate.

Paint Your Rooms From Top To Bottom
Paint your room or rooms from top to bottom is a great way to have a clean and professional look. Read through some basic and simple steps on how to paint a room and also have some fun doing it.

Sponge Paint A Room And Have Some Fun
Sponge painting a room or other surfaces isn't expensive and can be a lot of fun. Take a look at the simple steps involved. You can create your very own unique look. Make this a family project or a classroom activity. Bring out your very own creativity and produce a stunning new look for you to enjoy!

Basic Terms When Decorating With Paper.
Some basic terms before beginning a paper project is important. Liners, pre-pasted papers, and a seam roller are just a few. papering sometimes ends up being a nightmare project, but getting the basics down will help you turn that nightmare into a great addition to your living space.

Ceiling Decorating, Paint Or Paper
There are options when decorating your ceiling. Flat and textured painted ceiling, paper and painting a mural may be right for you. This section will give you some ideas on ways you can decorate a ceiling.

Borders And Applying Them
Borders add a whole new dimension to a room. There are so many borders available for us today. Borders can be put over paint, paper, and even panel. Some simple and basic information on applying borders to the foundation.

Wallpaper And Paint In The Same Room
paper and paint can be done in the same room. There are different options when you use paper and paint in one room. Here are some ideas for you using paper as your focal point, accent, and balancing your room with matching paint.

Removing Old Wallpaper
Removing wallpaper can be an indoor project that so many of us dread. Taking some simple steps throughout the whole process can save you some time and money. Here are a few tips for you when removing paper.

Choosing Paint Colors For Stripes
Choosing paint colors for stripes can be a lot of fun. Stripes can be painted on the one part of the foundation or all four in a room. Choosing a couple of colors in lighter or dark tones off the color wheel is a great start. Check out the simple tips and basic materials you will need to paint a room with stripes.

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