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Whimsical Ideas For Inside Decorating

Whimsical decorating is a great way to have some fun with colors, textures, accents, and accessories. With this theme you don't have to have any rhyme or reason. Odds and ends in accessories, a base color plan, and you can create a wonderful fun theme for a room, or an entire living area.

Think about all the different figurines, collectables, odd pictures, different textured candles, and put them together in one room, and there you have it, a bright and new addition to your own living space.

Below are a couple of ideas that I have done to take a room and create an atmosphere of each accessory having its own identity.

The cabinets in this kitchen use to be a dark color wood. This particular kitchen was originally done in the 70's blues and brown tones.

I decided a few years back that this room needed a face lift. If you are looking at doing a whimsical theme, the first step is to decide on your base color along with a couple of complimentary colors.

For this room I decided on yellow as the foundation color with green as the secondary color. Whimsical also can mean bright and warm color tones. Here are some steps in creating this look on cabinets.

  1. Completely wash the cabinets to get any dirt or grit off of them.

  2. Use an oil base primer, and if going over wood, you will need at least two coats of primer.

  3. The background of the cabinets are painted in a stark white color. This will create a crisp and clean look.

  4. The yellow paint was applied with two coats, and a brush or small roller can be used.

  5. A couple of small artist brushes will work for the green paint. It takes patience to paint the detail of each cabinet, but well worth it when you are finished.
The cabinets become part of the focal point of the room. They are light and the colors are warm and inviting. Any good color combination will work or a warm wood cabinet will also create a whimsical atmosphere. Below is a picture of a wall in the kitchen.

Keeping the yellow as a base color, the wallpaper has fun green and white stripes creating a festive and relaxing atmosphere.

Notice the thirteen different items hanging on the wall. No rhyme or reason to it but the color tones match with the yellow foundation color.

Different shades of green with gold tones create great complimentary colors. This is creating an individual's personality.

Five baskets hanging, three on one side, and two on the other. The baskets are positioned so there is an over all balance to the wall. No basket is the same in color or shape.

Three pictures highlight and stabilizes the look in the center of the wall. The other accessories are each different and add their own identity. Let's take a look at a few close ups of some of these accessories.

These are the three center pictures on the wall. The multi tone frame of the larger picture blends in well with the yellow and green tones. The gold frames on the two smaller pictures fit right into the yellow base color.

Hanging Bee
I love this bumble bee candle. It is mounded on a black decorative hook so the bee is off from against the wall. It's a fun candle holder and the yellow in the bee matches the foundation color of the kitchen.

You can use other hanging items to create this fun atmosphere. There is nothing set in stone when you decorate whimsical.

Bright colors, different collectable and hanging accents create an enjoyable atmosphere for you and your family. Also great to consider in decorating a restaurant. This style of decorating is also great for a beach house, tropical flare, and any room in your own living space.

The two pictures above are of wind chimes hanging on the wall. I know, wind chimes don't seem to be practical for hanging on a wall.

Most wind chimes are hung in an open area so they can be heard. I consider these wind chimes a great whimsical look to the room. They are unique, and create that fun look to the wall.

You could also use the wind chimes to create a whimsical look in an outside garden area.

This chair or stool is also in the kitchen. Pineapples, bees, and baskets all in one room? You can do this with whimsical decorating.

If you look at the cushion of the chair, the yellow tone is dominant, a little green mixed in with blues, and the light brown-gold tones complete the look.

There are two of these chairs around a center island counter top. A couple of smaller stools with a darker green top ignites the secondary color.

Whimsical decorating gives you so many options in expressing your own personality, and also using different items that you may already have around your house.

Take a base color, add a secondary color, use different accessories to create a fun environment to any room. This style theme can take any idea and create a place to have fun and enjoy.

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