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Yellow And Blue, Great Balance In Decorating Rooms

Yellow and blue represent so many options for different tones in decorating a room.

Balancing a room with colors, accents, and accessories is a key to successfully decorating, as well as a happy you. When I think of these colors there are so many different options and themes that come to mind.

I can picture a beach house, a cottage, a country inn, or a kitchen in any type of home, apartment, or condo.

Actually you can take these two colors and combine different shapes and create your very own look to a room.

Here is a simple illustration of a few different blue shades to go with a yellow tone to use for paint, wallpaper, accents, and accessories.

This is a light yellow color and as you can see there are different shades of blue that you can incorporate as the secondary or complimentary color. The base or foundation color is warm and soothing.

In your mind, take a room in your living space and visualize this base color on the walls. What blue tones would you put with this base color? You can actually do a combination of different blue tones in your fabrics, picture frames, and collectables. A deep blue creates a bold statement with the yellow base color.

Blue teal tones can create a festive atmosphere in your living space. A bright blue signifies fun and creative. The soft tone blue is soothing and can remind you of the sky.

When decorating with two colors, I like to blend the complimentary color with the foundation color using several different shades of the complimentary color. Adding a third and fourth color is fine as long as they don't overpower your two dominant colors you want to achieve.

This is a basic blue color, and as you can see there are different shades of yellow that you can incorporate as the secondary or complimentary color. Remember, blue is a cooler color on the color wheel. Adding a warmer tone will balance the room and give it character.

As I mentioned above, there are so many ways to take these two colors and use them. Think about different artificial or live flower arrangements.

Use a vase or decorative bowl that entails the two colors and possibly with a couple other complimentary colors. Figurines and trinkets can add such a nice touch as accessories.

Another way of decorating is with fabrics.
  1. Curtains and other window treatments
  2. Furniture and chair cushions
  3. Placemats and napkins
  4. Accent rugs
  5. Pillows
  6. Towels
  7. Decorative and throw blankets
Soft yellow accent pillows
These are just a few accessories that can create a great look. When you plan a room using these two colors or any two color combination, think about the end result.

Of course one of the major items to consider is your foundation color. Once you are satisfied with your decision, this is where different shades and tones of the second color come into play.

Don't be afraid to get creative and put some stripes with plaids. With the blue color if you want to bring in a hint of green, teal is an ideal color to use.

Yellow and blue are dynamic together and taking these two colors and orchestrating your very own theme will bring a room or two to a new level of excitement and relaxation. This page is a simple idea of taking these two colors and showing you different shades of each color that can be used. Take your two favorite colors and begin to plan a look you will enjoy. I will be doing other color combinations in the near future.


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